Thoughts and Opinions On Today's Important Issues

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Here are 30 of them to inform, educate, question and entertain you:
  1. Who covered more billboards in this town: the combination of taxpayer related entities like the City (Greenlink), the Economic Development Commission (CANW.E.) and the Tunnel or DRTP?

  2. Did you know that a doublestack rail tunnel was proposed back in 1998 when CN was being pressured to sell their 50 percent share in the Detroit River Rail Tunnel

  3. Did you see the Detroit TV commercial where the fellow was annoyed when he had to wait 2 weeks for an MRI so he went to a clinic where he got it done in 2 days

  4. With a salary nearing $200K as Mayor and with taxpayer paid travel, why wouldn't Eddie run for a third term

  5. I wonder what DRIC will call the name of their road to the border

  6. How many times did Eddie Francis use the word "surplus" during the Budget deliberations as reported in the Star

  7. Who told S&P in the fall that Windsor would have a budget surplus but of only $3M and why did that person not tell taxpayers at the same time

  8. Who is spending more money on their ad blitzes, Windsor or the Development Commission and frankly, other than the waste of taxpayer money, who cares

  9. How does Eddie measure "success" this time around with his new DRIC campaign so as to intimidate the Senior Levels with Windsorites' "overwhelming" support for Greenlink and will they care anyway

  10. What if Windsor-Essex canNOT

  11. Is the audit of the 400 building which is to come out soon as bad as insiders are claiming and if so, what does this say to City handling of projects

  12. Speaking of projects, why not do a quick audit now of the East End arena including all of the costs absorbed by City Departments but not disclosed and not included in the arena charges to find out what it is really costing us so far

  13. While I wish the Detroit budgeteers no harm, from a Windsor taxpayer perspective it is time to put to an end to this deal that potentially could bankrupt us as Tunnel traffic collapses

  14. If only Windsor had a Councillor who is not intimidated by Authority like Detroit's Monica Conyers (She wanted to name the Tunnel after her husband too)

  15. Watch the news soon for some interesting action that will render the border virtually seamless, exactly what the Brookings Institute wanted (Think tanks are soooo behind the times)

  16. When will DRIC admit that the Bridge Co. people are right and that the traffic numbers at our crossing are horrific and cannot on their own justify a new crossing

  17. Did you know that a study on traffic forecasting shows "with a very high statistical significance that forecasters generally do a poor job of estimating the demand for transportation infrastructure projects [resulting] in substantial downside financial and economic risk...such risks are typically ignored or downplayed by planners and decision-makers, to the detriment of social and economic welfare

  18. Watch for earth-shaking tremors to come out of Lansing soon

  19. Which politician will be the first to call the DRIC project a Megaproject run wild

  20. Which local politician would be furious if he/she opened a box of Shreddies and got the old square ones and not the new diamond ones

  21. Did John Fairley ever get an answer to his question about whose wedding Eddie and Farhi both attended at the same time in London

  22. If the Engineering Complex had been built downtown or if parts of the University might still go downtown, would the Farhi lands have been used for student housing

  23. When the Tunnel deal fails, will Eddie dare go to the Grand Prix festivities for which we are paying so much sponsorship money for the next several years

  24. Which Councillors are NOT thinking of running for another political office

  25. Why are local politicians so afraid of the Windsor Star

  26. Where are the Star investigative reports that I heard are being prepared on several big City business transactions

  27. Since Alinda Capital Partners is proposing to fund a new sewage plant in Santa Paula, California, are they a money player who could tie financing for the Tunnel with leasing or buying Enwin/WUC from the City

  28. Do you feel more comfortable now that the Premier has said this about the downturn in the economy "Trust me, folks. This too shall pass."

  29. Do you expect Brian Masse to run for the leadership of the Ontario NDP now that "Howard Hampton promised...that his future plans as Leader of the Ontario New Democrats would soon be revealed."

  30. If there is no WUC increase in 2008, how big will it be in 2009!