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Friday, March 28, 2008

The BLOGMeister Always Rings Twice

Mail Call!

1) Ed.. you should sell your plan to Remo Mancini... he would probably have Matt Fischer follow through on the deal. After reading the blog.... how do the kids text message each other...ROTFLMAO !!

Good stuff... can't wait for the sequel.

2) They should have thrown in a Championship Golf course on top of Greenlink.
What's another 10 million.
That makes sense and money.
If they cut out two more fire trucks and some police cruisers, that would cover it.

3) OK - I am very confused. The city has spent considerable dollars for this campaign yet they don't seem to have updated their Green Link website. None of the 'new reports' talked about by the mayor yesterday are there. In fact - the city hasn't even bothered to change their costing on the GreenLink website to reflect the new cost. From the city's website:

GreenLink Windsor Call to Action
The Mayor and City Council are urging residents to take part in a Community Call to Action in support of the GreenLink Windsor solution. The Mayor announced a new phase of the GreenLink campaign at Devonshire Mall on March 26. Visit the GreenLink Windsor website to learn more.

Meanhile the Star reports:

- The job estimates for six years of construction -- a person year is the equivalent of one person working one year -- were included in a series of new reports commissioned by the city that make Windsor's case for GreenLink. But where is the report?

- They include air quality analysis, cost and constructability studies, and economic impact analysis. Still looking - no report

- Parsons Brinckerhoff, a global engineering firm assigned to help develop GreenLink, has also estimated the new jobs will provide an additional $1.9 billion in earnings for the area. The jobs would include 6,760 person years of direct construction work, plus spinoffs that would bring the total to 19,000. Again, no report to back this up

- According to the Parsons Brinckerhoff reports released by the mayor Wednesday, the economic spinoffs from GreenLink will span multiple sectors, with benefits that extend beyond the construction industry, "cycling through the entire regional economy and dispersing benefits to a wide range of businesses and households." Same again - no report

- The company has also fine-tuned its cost analysis for the project. It has identified tunnel waterproofing, concrete, lighting and cement grout costs, revising its final estimate to $1.77 billion, up slightly from an original projection released late last year. A 30 per cent contingency estimate is built into the total. Well if they have, it is not reflected on the comparison on the Greenlink website

- The new reports will be delivered to DRIC "to eliminate any excuses of convenience," the mayor said. When will that be I wonder? Since the reports are not on the website, I guess the public can't view them

- "We have done the work, we have done more than was expected of us," he said. But noone asked you to do this - least of all the taxpayers

4)JobsFund! Hilarious. Your best column in weeks, especially the part about flying onions to Germany.. bet they'll go well with sauerkraut.

5) Oh for the days that we South Windsorites were part of Sandwich West instead.

6) Ed - while enjoying your blog today I couldn't help but be amused by your concern that the economic nationalists would hate you. Really... remember the only reason to lock a barn door after the horses escape is to prevent their return. If they don't hate you already they haven't been paying attention

7)Hi Ed;

Been busy! I'm glad you didn't choose the music for "Jesus
Christ!...Superstar!" for your short video this morning! Although I think
Eddie would have preferred it LOL!

The Brookings report is pretty damning of our mayor and his attitude and
approach! I got that report last week. It also puts DRIC, DRTP on notice
also about their folly. The report says it all and what should be done and
who can do it! Will Eddiefice complex read it? Nah! He will spin it right
into the trash can! It isn't his dream but it is really written quite well
in its black letters of on the page, so to speak of!

I'm not one for having Eddie spend more of our money, but I really think he
needs a communications department or choir director, at least to herd all
the walking mouthpieces into singing his song!

Maybe this should be Eddie's song for Greenlink: Cher's (This is) A Song for
the Lonely

8) we are going to fly Mexicans
into Windsor to work here, then fly our "assembly monkeys" out west to work,
is there something wrong with picture?

9) hysterical - love your videos (they are getting better).

10) Hi Ed,

I'll try to keep this short. I almost had a stroke in my car today while listening to AM800. Matt Fischer says the new VW plant won't come to Windsor-Essex because "there's a lack of available workers".

What the hell is he saying? People are losing jobs left and right. There's a great deal of skilled trades people out there who could easily fit into a new car plant. This guy Fischer is just like Mayor Eddie, they are both out of control. They are completely clueless. It makes me ill to open the Windsor Star each day and read the crazy remarks these leaders are spewing out. Why didn't he say the truth? VW will never come to Essex County because of the CAW circus. Lewenza and company has done a fine job sending out a positive message to all investors.

I've lost faith in most of our elected officials. Nothing surprises me anymore. How stupid do they think we are?

Ed, keep up the good blogging. I read it whenever I can.

11) Hi Ed,

Did you hear on CKLW today that CEO Matt Fischer stated Volkswagen would not be able to locate here not because of the unions (to which I agree) but because we do not have enough workers to fill an assembly plant?

Can you imagine! I thought it was a cruel joke but he was serious. How about we ask all of the laid off people at GM, Nemak, Chrysler, Ford and a myriad of other assembly plants and we can also ask all of the skilled labour force that is unemployed and see if they agree.

Why are we paying big salaries to guys like Matt Fischer to shove away business and make excuses for them not to locate here? Isn't it his job to PROMOTE and ENCOURAGE business to move here?

If we dig a bit deeper we can see that he is only saving his own skin by putting out the fire before it starts because we already know that Volkswagen wouldn't locate here to begin with because there are no incentives, something Mayor Francis just found out even though he has been in politics for 10 years!

Just when I thought this area couldn't get more ridiculous it seems to always find a way. Too bad they couldn't reverse this trend and do the same with jobs.

12) Did Eddie ever imagine that the most waves his speech would make would
come from his talk of flying Windsorites out west for work?

It's tragically comic.

13) ‘Laughing Stock’

Touché Ed.

I also did the math when I read in the Star that Eddie thought people could work out west and still live here. Maybe the Developmentless Commission is working on a teleporter and gave up on brochures.