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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here Come More Letters

Here are some more reader comments for you to consider. Finally, YOU decided to write and let your views be known. Now that was not so hard was it!

1) But Ed you are missing the point.

By sending all the workers out West, the City of Windsor will no longer need the Development Commission and can fire everyone associated with it including Remo Mancini.

Just think of how much money that will save the City which can then go to paying down the debt. After all, if the future of Windsor is luring companies to Saskatoon
so that they can employ Windsorites via a commute then why would you then
need a Development Commission to lure companies to Windsor?

A brilliant plan by our esteemed Mayor. He has once again found a way to unwind a terrible mistake that he has made. In this case his incompetent handling of the
Development Commission.

2) Hi Ed,

Our mayor, whose intentions one would think are good, seems to have trouble saying yes when it comes to jobs and job creation.

Since assuming office in 2004 he has infuriated senior levels of government and effectively prevented creation of thousands of jobs by saying no. For starters he nixed sorely needed expressway upgrades because trucks might do what they already do, travel on the expressway. The Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project? No again, because we're going to get a long, long S-shaped bridge downstream that neither the US or Canadian governments would ever pay for. No to the DRIC road proposal because it just might make sense. No to the DRTP-Canadian Pacific Railway tunnel project which would allow double stacked freight cars to cross the Detroit River and put Windsor in the big leagues of rail transport. Why? Because such a tunnel might magically turn into a road! And finally, he says no to tearing down a bunch of eyesore houses that do nothing except degrade a west end neighbourhood. Quite an array of negativity.

So, what has he said yes to? The Schwartz horseshoe road to nowhere through the pristine Ojibway Complex. A loser from the get-go. Yes to a fully tunneled road from Highway 401 to the EC Row Expressway, an impossible dream if there ever was one. Yes to his Greenlink proposal with thousands of metres of tunnels that no financially prudent senior government would ever approve, with or without parkland on top.

All of these factors make Windsor, and Windsorites, look silly. But what's most upsetting is the fact that the mayor talks to the citizens of Windsor as if we're a bunch of morons. Sad.

3) Hi Ed

Yep! Took three years of philosophy, presented many a paper for discussion
(debate or argue) in many a dry run that we had to do if we were full time
philosophy majors! Truth is always elusive if presented in a philosophical
way, what is truth at that time of my argument, may not be the same exact
same truth for those listening and or opposing. I believe in today's blog,
that I would have to agree with the Dragnet detective.."The facts ma'am,
just the facts!" And the fact being is that Eddie doesn't have a deal and
can't broker one for the tunnel. But as you said he will spin it, that it
was the mayor of Detroit who did him in. I'm feeling dizzy already.

How about one way chartered flights leaving every midnight with Windsorites
and their families to go west. Talk about giving away the farm! Doesn't
Eddie understand that or get it, that news of any kind is sent around the
world in an instant, and anyone at anytime can find anything they are
looking for. That investors can read the stories and the comments in almost
an instant! What he says locally is really international and he isn't making
this city look any better today than he did Monday and all the years
previous. We must look like fools to the world, let alone to ones who might
want to invest here!

Keep writing Ed!

4) Problem points.....
1) People out west DO NOT want outsiders taking jobs from them, especially high paying jobs. Which, of course, SUPPOSEDLY there are training funds for.
2) The issue comes up once in a while in Windsor where they get upset when people from the county work in Windsor but do not pay Windsor property tax.

It comes to mind CKLW had a talk show about charging county residents a levy or
a fee for using EC Row. Remember that?
Eddie mentioned this once where the county does not pay it's fair share.
So with this in mind how can Eddie justify keeping families here and flying out workers who will take money out of their area but not contributing to the local economy.
They will spend some, yes, but they still will be taking dollars out of the region.

Maybe that brick hit him too hard or not hard enough.....

5) Why would anyone want to buy the tunnel with its ever decreasing usage unless they could get it at a very, very low-ball figure. And even then there are better investments than this.

Of course, Detroit is trying to sell its interest based upon its vision of a comeback of Downtown Detroit which is the main attraction for tunnel traffic.

Let's just bet on black (or red) at roulette and be done with the anxiety.

6) [A few of the written responses to a question I asked about where Eddie found $30M for Jobs Today]
---Wish I knew!
---Haven't a clue where he's finding it


8) We are the most southern Canadian city with a strong french settlement, french heritage/streets and several outdoor hospitality cafes - that is before the Casino (B.T.C.)- let's play on this in selling our Hospitality destination --similar to New Orleans french quarter etc. -- only we do not have their crime--


I hope the Mayor reads this article about incentives.
Maybe he won't get hit in the head so much.

[NOTE: And we want to send people AWAY from Windsor:

"A key factor in the decision was the availability of engineers in the Ann Arbor region, he said. Many of them are available to begin work now, and the company plans to begin hiring immediately"]


I wonder if they took the same flight to Germany.
They have tax breaks as incentives.
Eddie got two people to look at flying onions in three years.

[Note: As the Governor said "We've been working this, man," Granholm said in a telephone interview Monday. "I went to Germany (on a trade mission). I've spoken to the head of companies...We beat out states from South Carolina to Florida to California. We beat Illinois twice. {And Eddie too I guess}. And the Guv was not sending onions to Germany either.]

11) Hi Ed

After his wartship's speech last night, can we go ahead with the recall
proposal to amend the City of Windsor act..please! There was absolutely
nothing in the speech that would make me strap on "W" And nothing for the
county either.

Maybe with Eddie spending so much time in airports, his song should be: "I'm
leaving on a jet plane, and won't be back again," It would make me happy to
join in the chorus!

12) Not necessarily news but the City is going to have a kiosk at the mall this week to promote Greenlink.

13) Hey Ed, I actually like your recall proposal. You should consider changing the eligibility from a "resident" to an "individual eligible to vote in a municipal election." This would allow property owners who do not live in the municiaplity the right to participate in a recall. As it is, they do have the right to vote. So if they can vote someone in, they should be allowed to vote them out as well.

14) Good morning Ed;

Recall the Mayor and the whole of Council! Would that not make them wake up in a hurry!! somebody is coming after us!! Poor Eddie would not know what to do with himself, Norma baby they are picking on me, help me!! and he may have to call in Ken Lewenza to call for a strike against those who favor this thought. Alright who's on first!!! remember Abbott and Costello in this brilliant performance, who has the balls to carry this out as a team mind you???

Ed, if you go to the "Boy who will be Kings speech" just so you will not have a heart attack, please turn off your hearing aid.

Have a Happy Day with these thoughts in mind.

15) Why not throw it out there with the idea that may be a group of
concerned citizens meaning the leaders in the community will stand up
and say enough is enough. Do they have any balls or are they going to
stand by and watch this city nose dive into the ground. I hear it all
the time that this is the worst Mayor and council in Windsor's history.

16) Still watching closely all the strange happenings from down here.
Amazingly can watch CBC 9 News live on streaming internet. I see my buddy Buzz is now an expert on Afghanistan affairs according to the University address. I think he and Kenny would make great candidates to serve on the front lines... at
least it would keep the negative things out of the media.i think we need a strong campaign from the public to get the media to refrain from showing up and flashing the cameras at Lewenza all the time in the .hope of getting some positive things out to others. Maybe the media could just be "busy" doing a baby contest when
Local 444 wants to rant and rave before the camera lights. It's not censorship..

Another thought, how about a live debate between concerned citizens of windsor/essex and Ken Lewenza regarding the negative image he is portraying Windsor. (I'd love to go head to head with him!!!!) Maybe we should run this one past John Fairley at Cogeco.

17) Hey Ed

We're quickly reaching the tipping point as many fear.

Here's a little FYI
- the chief of Police in Saginaw Michigan makes around 90K
- our Chief 218K
- the governor of Michigan 180K to run a state with 10M people versus a Police Department with 500?

There other differences - the chief of Police in Saginaw has a PHD in criminology - worked as a lieutenant in the Detroit Police department during the Colman era.

The US has a different system - they lay off cops/firemen if budgets don't jive. Saginaw hasn't had a tax increase since the 70's.

Keep up the good work

18) Hi Ed

I can see and hear Aretha Franklin belting it out now D-R-R-T that is what it means to me!

19) Ed

Remember the Scorpion and the frog. The scorpion stung the frog in mid stream because that is what scorpions do. Unions often do what they do with little regard for the consequences.

20) ED;


This crap with the CAW every time they open there mouths the Windsor Star blast it right front page...


21) Eddie's plans to ship Windsorites out west to work but send home the checks made the National Post today, complete with picture.

How embarassing that Windsor has sunk to being the temp agency for companies out west. Does the mayor and city receive a commission for every successful placement?

22) The correct line is: DING DONG! THE MAYOR IS WRONG!