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Monday, February 13, 2006

Just Blogging Along

The power of the Bloggers:

"Gallup's latest examination of Americans' online habits finds that one in five Web users read Web-logs, or "blogs," either frequently or occasionally... this translates into 40 million readers [in the US]."

Now these are big numbers both for Bloggers and for the traditional media who have got to learn to adapt to their new competition.

As for my BLOG, I do track numbers. I have used several different systems but the one that I use now seems to be the best and the most accurate. I have had over 20,000 "page loads" since I have started, obviously, the numbers grow higher now in each month as bloggership increase.

There has been very little advertising of my Blog. Readership has grown primarily through word of mouth. It's just like the Clairol commercial..she tells someone and so on and so on and so on!

This was meant to be just a way to get a few ideas off of my chest but now it is turning almost into a full time job! I have so many "tips," stories and ideas given to me by readers that I am so far backlogged it is not funny! For that I give you, dear reader, my heartfelt thanks.