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Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's The Election, Stupid

Remember the election phrase used by Bill Clinton that helped make him President in the 1992 campaign. Well that was my immediate reaction when I read the headline story in the Star last Friday: "City tax increase under 1%."

I was pretty excited frankly to see that my taxes were not going up by too much and that service levels were not going to change much either.

Then I read the comments from the junior Councillor in Ward 4. You know the one who tells us that the expensive price is only $X per household per year for so many years. Like the $1 down and a $1 a week to pay off the $168,000,000 extra costs for MFP as an example. Obviously working for a car company rubbed off on him.

Ken Lewenza Jr, said "there's very little wiggle room in the budget and taxpayers should not expect to see the frugality of the last two budgets repeated next year. "This is probably the last go- around," he said, adding that there will be either higher tax hikes next year or a reduction in services."

Junior better learn to be politically correct for heaven's sake. His councillor buddies will be furious at him. However, whatever you want to say about him, he is at least honest in admitting that we will be screwed after he and his colleagues are re-elected!

It's the re-election, stupid!