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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Windsor The Union Town

Terry Belanger is a friend of mine whom I met when we both joined STOPDRTP. As you will see, Terry works at Ford and has definite ideas about certain things and knows how to express his point of view.

Oh boy, does he know how to express his point of view. When he gets angry, watch out. Just ask some of the politicians who have received a blast from him over the border issue. And he always gets his Letter to the Editor published!

Here's a blast that Terry sent out that I asked if I could post as well!

  • The other day I had a friend ask me what could a union Town like Windsor offer a Company, say like Toyota, or any of the foreign Auto Industry. I know the Auto Industry as a whole is not doing too badly it is the original Big Three that are hurting...

    Let’s look at that exact problem here in Windsor. I have read a lot of the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun, and other papers and I keep hearing all these nasty things about Windsor, we are a Union Town not capable of working for these big Auto Companies looking to come to Canada. I also hear these so called auto specialist state that they refer people away from Windsor.

    Well one thing I got to say is that these specialists need to look for a new job since they are not good at what they are doing. For one they don’t have the right or knowledge to state that about Windsor. Yes we are a proud Union town, who by the way just went thru another contract with the original Big Three without a strike. We sat and listened to what they had to say and worked out a mutual contract for this day and age.

    You who have this big image that we sit around the shop floor figuring out ways to go against the companies, boy are you missing the real picture. For one I have worked at Ford Motor Company for the last 30 years, and I can’t believe the worry that is going on in these plants. Everyday I hear how this one, who got laid off not that long ago and how they have lost their homes or cars. I also hear the ones who are worried about being the next ones out the door. I’m waiting for the ones who don’t work in the Auto Industry who think they don’t have to worry about this, it won’t affect them. I would like to see who is going to buy all these extras, which is pretty well a lot of things from a lot of companies if we are unemployed. I have 30 years at Ford and I’m cutting back on a lot of things that I might want but I know is not good for us right now.

    For the ones who think Windsor is such a bad idea. Think about all those unemployed auto workers who would jump at the chance to get a job with any auto company. We have the experienced work force just sitting here waiting for a chance, but yet you tell these companies stay near Toronto, Hamilton, Woodstock etc... Do they have experienced work forces, are they nice and close to the border like we are.

    Oh I forgot you also claim that our borders are dead locked all the time right?? When is the last time you have gone over the border here in Windsor, I bet it was before the Ambassador Bridge opened their new booths right?? Just for your info we haven’t had a good back up here at Ambassador Bridge in years, think about what you say about our border. I’m hoping one of these years one of our dear levels of Governments will get the border issue solved,

    We will be back and we will be a strong Union town here for the future.

    Come and visit, ask someone who lives here, not someone living out of our Town. As far as our Unions go, yes I hope they are still here 30 more years from now. We are not stuck in the 40’s we are here and now...