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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Survey Results: Most Expect Edgar To Break His Promise

The latest WindsorCityBlog survey results are in.

Fewer than 20% of my readers who voted expect Edgar (aka Eddie) to keep his word about running for only 2 terms.

Almost 50% of my readers expect Edgar to break his promise and run for a third term.

The balance, don't know, don't care or live outside of Windsor.

Looking at Windsorites only who had an opinion, almost 72% of them think Edgar will run again.

The interesting question that I did not ask is whether Edgar running again is a good idea or a bad one for Windsor. That will come another time.

As for me, my own view is that it does not matter what Edgar will say or do on July 20. It is nothing more than a ploy for whatever it is that he has already planned out a long time ago. We are nothing more than pawns in Edgar's chess game as he calls the moves.