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Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Early Edgar Returns

Thanks to readers who have replied already to the to the Edgar (aka Eddie) running survey. Feel free to send the link to your friends and family so they can vote too.

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The big Star story today was a non-event. If you believe this then I have a DRIC bridge to sell you:

  • "On July 20, says Mayor Eddie Francis, both he and the city will know.

    "That week works for me in terms of really buckling down and considering all the things I need to consider," Francis said Wednesday.

    "I'm still going back and forth...

    "I've got to come to a decision ... I'm just not there yet."

Coming from the guy who saved up clippings for years so that he would have the news stories about him at his fingertips to use before he first ran for Mayor, that is completely out of character.

If you think that July 20 is the real deadline date think again. That does not one-up Hurst!

Think about this and July 20. It's a no-lose for him.

If Edgar says NO, then others will announce so he knows who will run against him so he can actively work to destroy them. He can then change his mind subsequently after some huge need for him arises. I can just imagine the Star Editorials and columnists begging him not to leave us. Only HE can save us from disaster.

If he says YES, then he may well prevent a number of people from announcing so that when he drops out in the last minute for "family reasons," or because of an exciting new job to help Windsor his chosen successor has a clear run for the top.

There are still a number of months left in this term of Council. Plenty of time for Edgar to do more horrific deals, say P3ing Enwin and WUC, that will burden us for a generation or two. There is no way that a micromanager would put himself in a position of being a lame-duck Mayor who cannot dominate his Council.

Don't forget that the unexpected economic slowdown has changed things considerably, delayed plans. The real calculation being made is whether everything Edgar wanted to do within 2 terms has been done, can be done or not. That will determine what Edgar's decision will be.

Nope, this is just another E-machine ploy. I bet Mike never thought of it!


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