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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

International Children's Games: Why Windsor Really Won

No, it was not because of the solo, 2-hour pitch made by Mayor Edgar (aka Eddie) that Windsor won. Did he think he was talking to Council about Greenlink when he spent all of that time boring people when Windsor had won already?

It appears that a HUGE mistake was made by the Organizing Committee of the Games which they subsequently had to rectify. They thought that Windsor was in Australia and that is why we won. Read on if you think I am joking. The mistake becomes apparent when you learn who won the Games hosting in 2014.

There was mass confusion it seems. The Committee thought that it was awarding the Games to a town outside of Toronto. They did EXCEPT the Toronto they thought about was Toronto, Australia, not Toronto, Canada!

How could that mistake happen? Toronto, Australia is within an area of about 200,000 people, a population number similar to that of Windsor. Edgar must have talked about our population demographics and threw out that number too.

Edgar must have talked also about our economy which is similar to that of the Australian area:
  • "Industry within the city is diverse, with over 12,000 existing businesses, and approximately 2,000 businesses entering the market each year. There has been strong growth over the last five years in the health, community service, and construction industries. Knowledge and technology-based industry is also exhibiting particular growth."

So what if most of our IT jobs are minimum wage call centres ones after all.

The Australian area is close to an international airport (We are near Detroit Metro) and both of us have rail connections and good road connections all over the continent.

But here is the clincher. Both areas have a connection with Macquarie! And that is why the mistake was made.

A Macquarie group, part of the big Australian Bank, for years was involved with the Tunnel, running it for both Windsor and Detroit. Macquarie Bank is a possible bidder on the DRIC P3 too. Toronto is on Lake Macquarie in Australia.

Who is the 2014 winner to make up for the big error:

  • "Lake Macquarie wins bid for International Children's Games
    Posted June 29, 2010

    Months of lobbying has paid off for Lake Macquarie Council, which has secured a global sporting event.

    Lake Macquarie was last night named the successful bidder for the International Children's Games in 2014.

    Mayor Greg Piper was in Bahrain for the announcement and says it is the first time the event will be held in Australia."

See what I mean!

PS. In case you don't get it, this BLOG is meant to be satirical.