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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When All Else Fails Demonize and Vilify Again

What the heck is wrong with Michigan Legislators, especially Democrats.

From MIRS in Lansing:
  • "Meanwhile, in the House, the issue has begun sounding like a leaky faucet -- DRIC, DRIC, DRIC . . . For the third week in a row the insider wise guy predictions have been that "they're doing DRIC today." But that word proved wrong again at today's somewhat brief session. The reason DRIC hasn't come up is transparent - they don't have the votes to pass it, and until the votes materialize it won't be brought up."

The headline screams

  • “Granholm calls for Ambassador Bridge vote
    House delays as negotiations continue”

Huh…Ambassador Bridge vote, what Ambassador Bridge vote? I thought the Legislature was dealing with a P3 vote. Or, rather a vote that will lead to DRIC by giving MDOT power to enter agreements without legislative oversight.

Come on, it may cost Canadians $550M so get the story right.

Oh we know what Republicans are like. They support Big Business. They are against the people. They are the Party of NO especially when it comes to P3 $5.3B DRIC boondoggles and passing P3 legislation that would allow MDOT to mortgage the State for 50 years with no legislative oversight. Just ask the President of Michigan AFL-CIO.

But Democrats….Democrats. Can you imagine, no P3 legislation passed yet in the House even with a $550M offer from Canada. What can they be thinking? WHY are they thinking? Are they getting all mushy and not allowing the Bureaucracy to run amok? For shame.

There is a need to get them onside. NOW!

How to do when even $550M won’t work. I know…let’s use demonization and vilification again. It’s a good tactic. You know how it is done. Smear and innuendo.

How about this…make news:

  • LaHood backs new Detroit to Canada bridge
    David Shepardson / Detroit News Washington Bureau

    Washington -- Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood supports plans for a new bridge linking Detroit and Windsor.

    LaHood told reporters Monday that his department is waiting to see if the Michigan Legislature approves a measure allowing the state to enter into an agreement with Canada and a private developer to build a $5.3 billion span over the Detroit River

    "We'll watch it and see what the legislature does," LaHood said. "We know how important this bridge is to our government and the Canadian government…"

Hardly a ringing endorsement but enough for the News to do an Editorial the next day saying:

  • Time to build the Detroit-Canada bridge

    It's time to end the long debate over the proposed Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC) and start building it. Canada's offer of $550 million to front Michigan's share of the cost has removed the state's biggest obstacle and should ease the decision to go ahead with it.”

Do you like this kind of stuff that came from them as well: “As unfair as the process may seem toward owner Matty Moroun” or “These are benefits we should reap now, while trusting there'll be room for an entrepreneur like Moroun to continue to prosper as well.”

Can you believe it? From a responsible newspaper?

Sure the Editorial was full of misinformation but it does not matter. Nor does it matter that the News had said a short time before in an Editorial:

  • Editorial: Michigan should mothball Detroit River bridge plan

    The Detroit River international bridge dispute shouldn't stalemate yet another state transportation budget. Until Michigan can afford its share of the cost and the traffic counts rise enough to justify this span, it's time to suspend Michigan spending on the project and halt the endless squabbling about it…

    It appears, however, that lawmakers' work has been simplified this year. A new study has lowered daily border traffic projections for 2035, about 15 years after the bridge would be completed, to 34,600 vehicles. A 2008 study had pegged prospective traffic at 38,218 vehicles a day.

    Border traffic levels, in fact, are down from their peak volumes of the 1990s and may at best grow slowly for years, which should mean there isn't a rush to finish the project…

    But the Transportation Department is short of money.

    It has knocked more than 100 repair projects off its five-year road construction plan because of flat-lining fuel tax and vehicle registration revenues…

    Lawmakers this year should put aside the Detroit River bridge controversy and make that their transportation Job One.”

Huh, what changed? The $550M 2-page letter with no terms and conditions? The unreviewed by the News P3 legislation? Does someone have unflattering pictures from the last News Christmas Party?

Oh it gets worse than this. Remember the Governor saying this:

  • "Granholm said this morning she would be happy to support the second Ambassador span, but pointed out the Canadian government is opposed to Moroun's plan, which critics say would be too disruptive for the City of Windsor.

    "I've long said that if he could get the permits, we'd be all in."

Not now dammit:

  • Granholm calls for Ambassador Bridge vote

    Gov. Jennifer Granholm said Tuesday that Ambassador Bridge owner Manuel (Matty) Moroun is trying to maintain a monopoly at the busiest trade crossing in North America and urged the Legislature to move quickly on a bill that would clear one of the few impediments remaining to Canada and the U.S. building a new span 2 miles down the Detroit River.”

Wow, what a change of heart. Amazing what the promise of money does to the brain.

  • “Speaking to reporters after an event at the White House, Granholm noted Canada -- which is adamantly opposed to Moroun's plan for a new span next to the existing Ambassador Bridge -- had already offered to put up $550 million to cover the State of Michigan's share. To turn that down, she said, "is illogical" when it will lead to more jobs and more infrastructure to support economic growth in southeast Michigan.”

DUH, Governor. I guess some thoughtful Democrats and Republicans don't accept your lesson in logic. Moroun’s project does the same without any financial risk to Michigan and without making him an “Instrumentality of Government “ of Michigan as you want to do with all that this entails.

And now the Buffalo comparisons and the supposed inconsistencies which I demonstrated in my recent BLOG are incorrect.

What comes next….tire slashing claims. OMG, YES!!!

  • "DRIC Topic Of The Day, Tire Slashing?

    According to Rep. Rashida TLAIB(D-Detroit), she woke up Thursday morning and found that all four tires on her vehicle had been slashed.

    The chair of the House Judiciary Appropriations Subcommittee and a leading voice on the Arizona illegal alien bill debate, Tlaib has no shortage of contentious issues that might have put her tires at risk. However, she said today that she had trouble not seeing the tire slashing in context with her position on the Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC).

    "There is no way of getting any proof one way or the other -- and I certainly wouldn't make any accusations," Tlaib told MIRS. "But the day before I had made an impassioned speech in caucus about this (DRIC) and then the pro-Ambassador Bridge people got up and argued their side. I suppose it could be a coincidence."

Perhaps her father or her brother might offer some insight into this.

What’s wrong with Democrats. Why won’t they do what Jennie says:

  • “Gov. Jennifer Granholm on Tuesday continued to voice support for the $5.3 billion Detroit River International Crossing project, urging state lawmakers to act quickly by approving legislation that would allow Michigan to participate in the construction and operation of a new bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.”

Act “quick.” Do not think. Do what you are told. Pass legislation that is shoved down your throat in the last minute so you cannot consider the impact.

We have to beat those Morouns no matter what the cost to our State. After all, Jenny needs a legacy. If it all screws up, heck, she will be long gone so Legislators can face angry taxpayers alone.