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Thursday, May 20, 2010

BLOGEXCLUSIVE: The MDOT/Canada Anti-Matty Moroun P3 Bill

Still playing bloody games.

The $550M was a mere diversion. Here is the real P3 Bill that was sprung on Legislators yesterday and will probably be voted on today. Makes a mockery of Democracy doesn't it.

The bureaucrats are a gutless bunch. Tell it as it is. It is directed right at Moroun just the way the International Bridges and Tunnels Act in Canada was directed at him. They just did not have the nerve to say it.

If you want lawsuits up the ying yang, here is the next one.

The issue of lack of Legislative oversight still remains in the Bill as do most of the other onerous terms but now we know it is Canada's doing. It was Canada's Plan being followed by the MDOT sheep or will Jim Blanchard try and tell us otherwise.

For UP TO $550M or probably really nothing, the DRIC Bridge belongs to Canada under the revised P3 Bill. Michigan will get paid off somehow. Oh I got it, it is a no-brainer and riskless so nothing more need be done. As I said before, Michigan was merely a necessary evil in Canada's plan to be dismissed when no longer needed. Like NOW!

If Legislators want to know how their Bureaucracy will screw them in a P3 Bill, here it is!

Here are the new key provisions that give Canada control of the border in a bloodless coup and are designed to bankrupt Moroun or rather to get him to sell out finally!

Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez would be proud.

Canada now becomes an instrumentality of Government of Michigan

Canada now becomes a full party to a Michigan P3 for no cost whatsoever. In fact, the Agreement could just be between Canada and the P3 operator without Michigan as I read this

Wow, in that 5-year period MDOT could have screwed taxpayers before the Legislators can say anything.

The bridge could be owned by Canada as an instrumentality if Canada set up a company under Michigan law

Canada can control the P3 operator

A way to get around Moroun's ownership of property for a new bridge

It's the way that Michigan taxpayers will find out that the DRIC deal is NOT riskless since this determines who bears the risk. Do you really think that MDOT will fight for taxpayers since they are forced to belive their own phony traffic numbers. Since their numbers are so good, then MDOT can afford to take the risk of traffic shortfalls.

Canada can take advantage of US bonds including private activity bonds. How generous

If the Bridge is Canada's after all, Canada is given the power to issue bonds. Canada might generously offer a gift like UP TO $550M under onerous conditions not known to Legislators now, or perhaps ever because of confidentiality clauses.

Another way to take away Moroun's lands.

There you have it, all nicely wrapped up. Those bureaucrats sure are smart.

I wonder what the Legislators in the House and Senate will do now.


I saw an article by Mark Gaffney, president of the Michigan AFL-CIO, a federation of Michigan labor groups attacking the Republicans for being the Party of "NO!"

All I would say if I was a Michigan resident is thank goodness for them saying NO to this absurd P3 Bill. It should be considered a badge of honour.

  • "We cannot understand why this legislation is stalled"

Mr. Gaffney would understand if he ever read the P3 Bill why everyone in the State should say NO.

The Republican's Rep Opsommer has been a leader attacking the Bill for not providing legislative oversight an d pointing out the Bill's deficiencies. I understand that he has introduced his own Bill in which the oversight flaw is remedied and other sections corrected.

All I can say to that Mr. Gaffney is YES!!!