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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Clinton Dismisses Canada Border Concerns

You can listen to the interview and form your own conclusions.

All I can say is that Canada's Washington Embassy, our foreign affairs geniuses and the academic cognoscenti especially in a certain Ottawa University have been so wrong that the only thing that will save our relationship with the US is Iggy becoming PM!

Just listen to what the US Secretary of State has to say in diplomatese so that Canadian politicians won't have massive heart attacks:

  1. The thick border is not getting any thinner
  2. She is just beginning to clear away obstacles
  3. Perimeter security---the Americans are not looking at it now although Canadians keep writing about it. (Listen to her tone especially)
  4. We've had a near depression so protectionism is staying. Tough luck if Canada is nervous and anxious
  5. We are not going to make agreements on everything right away---so bye-bye DRIC
  6. The focus is on the Mexican border because the US screwed up and is the cause of many of the Mexican problems by making illegal guns available and buying drugs from the "barbaric and vicious" drug trafficers.

Do you really believe that the State Department headed by Secretary Clintion, after her comments, will reverse what the Department said before about DRIC's Central Corridor and will issue a Presidential Permit to DRIC to build a bridge?

Don't be silly!