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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Did You Think Of This

Here are some more interesting tidbits for you to think about


All this fuss about the University President going to Vancouver during the Olympics to meet up with alumni. Seriously, doesn't anyone have better scandals to monger.

Why even the Star got into the picture. I liked how they ended their Editorial:
  • "As spokesperson Lori Lewis said: "We do alumni events all the time. It certainly helps with fundraising. This is part of their duties. This is essentially a fundraising event, and it's an alumni building event."

    If any students still have problems with the idea of courting alumni, hopefully the university can provide a full accounting of the actual costs compared to the financial benefit from alumni events."

Now if only the Star would demand the same of Edgar (aka Edie) and his jaunts but don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.


So presumably he is running for a third term.

I don't remember seeing this in a Star story so obviously Edgar is out mixing with groups under the radar or maybe he is trying to export potatoes to Ireland from our proposed cargo hub. Normally, he would have sent a Councillor in his place.

I saw this note in a Letter to the Editor which gave Edgar away:

  • "At last Saturday's Irish Canadian Cultural Club Gala celebrating 25 years, Windsor-Essex citizens heard Irish ambassador, Declan Kelly, congratulate them for their great service to the community...

    Mayor Eddie Francis was eloquent in his remarks stating that Ireland, though compact in dimensions, has been enormous in its influence in Canada."

Eddie will need the luck of the Irish to win!

Oh, is this the same Irish Ambassador?

  • "The Canadian brand ambassador for Jameson Irish Whisky, John Molloy, will visit the LCBO's Roundhouse Centre... to meet people, promote the product and offer knowledge about Jameson and whisky."


Will she or won't for Mayor? How cute her answer is:

  • "Asked directly if she had any plans to run for mayor in the fall, she said she wasn't ruling anything out.

    "You know, well, people have been suggesting that, but right now I'm not saying yes or no to anything," said Wisdom."

She may as well say NO. She does not have a chance.


We know now that Edgar won't run for the Conservatives federally in the next election.

A local Conservative took a shot at the Mayor in a recent Letter to the Editor:

  • "No current city councillor will give up their current salary to run for mayor against Francis. If Gord Henderson and The Windsor Star continue to provide this kind of cover fire, then there will be no real debate of the current issues and future of our city. That's bad news for all ratepayers.

    I think there are quality candidates who would run for mayor against Francis but no one is interested in running against a Francis/Henderson ticket."


Absolutely YES!

Don't give me the BS about Provincial responsibility. The money comes out of our pockets regardless. Give it directly to our hospitals and not through the medical health system where it will be wasted.

What a silly response:

  • "Say this much for Hotel-Dieu-Grace fundraisers. They must have more nerve than a three-legged canal horse in an ice storm if they think this is an appropriate time to come to the City of Windsor looking for help in extracting "donations" totalling $3 million from municipal taxpayers.

    Where have they been for the past six months?

    Have they not seen the blood splatters on the floor?

    Have they not heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth?

    It boggles the mind that, in the midst of long overdue but hellishly difficult budget-cutting and bureaucratic streamlining exercises, they would even think of asking councillors to reach into the threadbare pockets of their constituents for enforced contributions."

As someone who over the last 8 months has seen more hosptial emergency rooms, operating rooms, medical machines, tests, doctors and other medical personnel, I cannot think of anything more worthy than looking after the health of Windsorites.

The opposition to the payment of money to our hospitals is nothing more than a cash grab by the Mayor and Council for them to use the money for purposes such as Greenlink, the canal, airport hub, new City Hall, brownfield extravaganzas and other failed visions.

Why Gord told us about the torrents of money that will be pouring into our coffers given the brilliant fiscal responsibility of Edgar. Let's use it for something worthwhile for once!


Poor Edgar. He did not learn his lesson when he suggested that water rates should be reduced and then that was followed up by an 86% increase which he supported.

Now he is back at it:

  • "Mayor Eddie Francis, also a WUC board member, missed Thursday’s meeting because he was overseas, but agreed Friday the water company may have to look at a more gradual increase.

    The mayor took the lead in pushing the 86 per cent hike in 2007.

    “Right now this community cannot handle a 10 per cent increase,” he said. “You need a more realistic approach in what’s required. You are not going to resolve the infrastructure deficit in one or two years. Maybe there needs to be a 10- to 15-year plan and be balanced in people’s ability to handle this."

Edgar may want to listen to ex-Minister David Caplan:

  • "Clean, safe drinking water could cost Ontarians as much as high-speed Internet service if a private member's bill from Liberal backbencher David Caplan becomes law, and the money would be used to pay for much-needed upgrades to pipes and infrastructure.

    Drinking water systems in Ontario have leakage rates of 10 to 50 per cent, with an average of 25 per cent, and many water pipes in cities like Toronto are more than 100years old, said Caplan.

    "We have a lot of infrastructure that is approaching or even exceeding its useful life cycle, and without a firm plan to replace and repair it," he said."

We supposedly have a plan in Windsor. I wonder why Edgar does not want to follow it.

Oh I forgot, there's an election coming soon!