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Monday, March 08, 2010

OLRB Decision: CUPE Workers' Shocker

Hey, it's your UNION and your leaders.

However, I seriously cannot believe what I read! Take a look at this decision and ask yourself why you are still a member of CUPE.

Three times the Board mentioned that there was no claim for damages due to the strike being lengthened by the actions of the City so in effect, since there was a collective agreement, there was nothing to decide.

I am stunned by what CUPE did, or rather, did NOT do.

There still may be a way to salvage the situation but frankly, why bother.

$30M in back wages down the drain. Unbelievable!

More importantly, CUPE lost whatever chance it had to demonstrate that the hardliners ably assisted by the Messenger prolonged an unnecessary strike to meet a political agenda. How sad. No wonder the City can end the employment of daycare workers and outsource all kinds of Union jobs. There is NO one to stop them. That is the real tragedy, and legacy, of the 101 day strike.