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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BREAKINGBLOG news: Depression Is Good For Windsor/Detroit

We made it finally. The world's stage is almost ours. Here is how we compare with 272 cities in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK.


Let's keep fooling around with the border file in this region. Why there is no need to diversify even with a so-called automobile industry meltdown.

Come on, the sky is not falling. The Detroit auto show drew lots of people. See it really was a cyclical downturn not a structural one like the doom and gloomsters were alleging.

Look at the competitive advantage this region has in house affordability:

In 2008, consider this:

  • "In a recent international study of affordable housing, Windsor placed 12th in North America, a ranking that is being touted by the Windsor Essex Development Commission as it tries to attract new industry and investment to the region. With a median house price of $145,900, Windsor is tied for fifth across Canada and for 12th in North America, according to Demographia International, which conducted the survey in the third quarter of 2007."

Man did we ever do well this year in the Canadian rankings but slipped a bit in the international rankings. Darn Detroit, trying to steal our thunder.

As I wrote in 2008:

  • "Wow, here I was thinking that all of these businesses closing down in Windsor was bad for us. Am I ever dumb. In fact people being out of a job and having their homes foreclosed as house prices drop here is probably the best thing that ever happened for us...

    This is fantastic news for us. I did not understand the hidden agenda behind the Mayor's plan to ensure that the Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project and the DRIC road not be built. If those projects were to get the go-ahead immediately, then 15,000 high-paying infrastructure jobs and spin off jobs and opportunities would be created...

    Can you imagine the economic mess that would make for us here. All of these employed people with money to spend would never bring us the kind of prosperity we think we should have.

    My goodness we need to thank the Gazelle Feeders for not going out and finding jobs for people here"

Congrats to the Mayor, Council and Undevelopment Commission. Keep those mortgage foreclosures coming.