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Friday, January 22, 2010

In Honour Of Edgar's Robin Hood Visit

Seriously, it is Robin Hood Airport. That is the name of the airport where Edgar (aka Eddie) is going.

Just like our airport with Edgar but in reverse: take money from poor Windsor taxpayers to give to rich, foreign consultants.

To allow Edgar a feeling of comfort when he visits northern England's Doncaster Sheffield Airport, the Airport people pulled out all stops.

Of course it is a slap in the face to the new CEO of Windsor Airport, Ms Nazzani, since obviously Edgar has no confidence in her abilities since she was not even invited to go along. But who cares.

And Undevelopment Commission VP, Patrick Persichilli, has chosen the Mayor over his new boss, Ron Gaudet, since he will be going to the UK just days before the new WEDC CEO takes over on February 1. But who cares.

Edgar is on the Boards of the airport and the Commission so he can justify everything.

And I am sure you thought I was kidding when I Blogged about the competition between Edgar and the new superstar WEDC head:

  • "New WEDC Head Should Not Unpack Too Soon

    Welcome to Ron Gaudet, the new WEDC head honcho.

    If he can do for Windsor what he did for Moncton, then we will all be very pleased at his coming.

    I am not being mean or harsh by what I said in the Subject-line. The WEDC front door is the fastest moving revolving door in the City considering how many heads it has seen over the last few years.

    To be direct, I expect a clash very early on betwen our new so-called "Star" WEDC CEO, one of Canada's Top 40 under 40 and our, Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Mayor."

Just like with the Sutherland call centre where Sandra did the work but Edgar tried to hog the credit and Edgar's announcement about big projects to come prompting a leak to mini-Gord obviously by Gord's provincial government insider re Samsung, Edgar has to have all the glory and will not allow anyone else to share in it.

Here are Robin Hood's destination locations: Barbados Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Dominican Republic Egypt Finland Greece Italy Jamaica Mexico Netherlands Poland Portugal Spain Tunisia Turkey United Kingdom

Interestingly, there was an airline, Globespan Airways a British low-cost airline, that flew to Canada out of there, to Hamilton our big airport competitor.

Unfortunately, it went broke!