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Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Motion Designed To Fail

No point for the Bridge Company to attend the Council hearing or anyone from Hillary Payne's group. Councillor Mom's Motion will not even get a seconder unless someone wants to avoid a riot. It is that ridculous and can never pass.

Did the Councillor write this on the back of an envelope while she was doodling at the last Council meeting. How much thought went into this:

  • "Moved by Councillor Postma, seconded by Councillor

    WHEREAS there are boarded up houses along Indian Road, Rosedale, Edison, Mill, Felix, Bloomfield, Donnelly, College Ave., Brock St., Peter St. and University W. and

    WHEREAS the properties are an extreme eyesore and a hazard to the neighbourhood, and the area is currently under a demolition freeze; and

    WHEREAS the residents and property owners have handed in a petition to demolish these homes with over 230 names on it;

    THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Mayor and Council agree to RESCIND Demolition Control By-law 20-2007 to permit demolition.

The issue is tearing down the Bridge Company homes not rescinding the By-law everywhere in the area even though it makes sense. A Councillor who may be sympathetic to the residents will not vote to rescind the By-law totally. Accordingly, it will fail in the end.

What is the point then? Was it all a set-up to sucker the Bridge Company to come in front of Council to embarrass them to save the political necks of certain members of Council? Was it designed so Edgar (aka Eddie) can look tough? What an incredible waste of time and effort.

So much for Councillor Mom's heart going out to the residents. So much for her trying to broker a deal. So much for her trying to help. The Motion is a joke. It is nothing more than a slap in the face to everyone who tried for months to work to get a resolution of the problem.

She should be ashamed. Her constituents ought to be furious. The Bridge Company, well, they should have expected it and probably did. No wonder Edgar had to make his childish outburst and deliver his toothless ultimatum.