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Friday, December 04, 2009

Mail Call

More emails from readers:

1) Congratulations on your appointment! (Bottom right hand corner of the “front page” of the Star. BLOG 2009/11/15 The Windsor Star That Wasn't ).

It’s about time. ...

I saw it in “The Star” so it must be true!

2) Just a note to say thanks for all you do for residents of Windsor & Essex County Ed. If it weren't for our bloggers, regular people would never have a chance to know the extent that we are [not being given all of the facts] by our local paper.

I don't know how far this information gets out or even if people are interested in the specific issues you guys write about, but somehow, some way, our residents have to stop taking for granted that our news is living up to the responsibility of a newspaper. [By its actions], this paper is damaging our community, inciting residents to beat up each other instead of demanding accounting from our leadership. It is so wrong. Shame on the Windsor Star!

3) This is very interesting and unprecedented. Over 90% opposing the Chief
of Police in his apology to the Muslim community.

I heard that the Chief met with Edgar before issuing the apology. Who

Did Edgar force the Chief to do this?

The groundswell of discontent has become a tsunami. Edgar is a lame
duck! He cannot make a move. This development charge issue could be the
final nail in the coffin.

A perfect storm that makes Katrina look like a summer breeze.

Keep up the good work Ed.


5) More public sector union bashing. It would be a bad scene for Dalton and his Second Career initiative if college faculty were to strike.

On another note it was interesting last week when Sandra P was here to officially open the new building that the County Warden was here but his big city counterpart was nowhere to be seen.

6) Funny thing,
I sent this Letter to the Editor to the Star 3 weeks ago and they still haven't published it? I don't get it. Maybe you can make sense of it.

After having read the article, "What's in a name?" by Doug Schmidt (Oct. 20, 2009), regarding City Council's decision to pursue legal action against American company Zep IP Holding LLC for using the trademark "GreenLink" name to sell urinal pucks, rags and toiletpaper etc., I have decided to do an about face and put my full support behind the "GreenLink" brand.

Instead of flushing more of the 5 million plus Green-$-Link taxpayer dollars down the drain by suing the Georgia based company and further enriching a whole raft of lawyers, consultants, PR companies, pals and other cesspool flotsam, Council should partner with Zep IP and invest in a complete line of "Windsor City Council" products under the "GreenLink" banner.

Let's give the disenfranchised Windsor taxpayer a little something for his/her money! Think of the huge marketing potential, let alone the satisfaction of watching a commemorative "[Name of Council member] portrait engraved urinal puck" slowly dissolve over time then disappear altogether, just in time for the next election.

[Some funny lines deleted here since this is a G-rated BLOG after all ]

Well, you get the idea….the possibilities seem endless…

In fact, while were on a roll so to speak, why not kill two birds with one stone.

Let's put CUPE to work distributing these products throughout the city's vast network of public washrooms. The Citizens would finally feel empowered and CUPE would be vindicated -no need for the bad faith bargaining enquiry.

In addition, we would witness a mini economic boom as busloads of newly found GreenLink supporters would line up for miles at every public restroom throughout the city to show their appreciation for council's world class “GreenLink” product line. Being the enthusiastic optimist that I am, I know that I'll be at the front of the pack!

Just think…. this could lead to a country wide tour. City council could jump on one of the high priced, taxpayer funded GreenLink Transit Windsor buses and travel from city to city promoting the GreenLink brand. The Mayor and Council would finally get the world class recognition that they so deserve!"

7) [Copy of Letter to the Editor to the Star] I am very disappointed at your lack of coverage of the ward 4 meeting at the French club earlier in the week – there was some meaningful information that was discussed, and I heard about it from an on-line blog, instead of a reputable news source – what the hell is going on????

And 2 days later, still nothing has been reported by the Windsor Star.

What kind of newspaper do you call yourself when you can’t even report on a new event the measures up to – let see – a port-a-john on an Amherstburg sidewalk

Wow, and you wonder why I don’t subscribe to you

8) I'm pissed about Gary Smith!

9) Looks like Dwight just saved himself thousands a year in the new HST.
By not implementing it on the donuts and coffee, imagine how much he is personally saving.

Wouldn't this fall under conflict of interest?

10) Today I opened my morning paper only to learn that an Amherstburg resident planted a portable outhouse on his driveway to encourage the town to complete sewer repairs. That's news. As for Coun. Lewenza's ward meeting about something as serious as the CUPE strike, I find nothing. That event was not news, according to the editors. Little wonder people look to your blog. Shame on Windsor's pathetic excuse for a newspaper.

11) Not surprised by the Star.

Maybe our online newspaper should be called the Windsor Messenger.

12) I just read the slide show. I bet the Windsor Star won't even report on it OR they will twist it somehow and make Junior look like a farce. We'll see I guess.

All I know is this: If you work for the City of Windsor, like I do, you are made to feel ashamed by what transpired earlier this year. And if you are in a union, you are evil. It does not matter who was right or wrong, who won or who lost, everyone lost, there is no winner... I often do not tell people where I work, because, it is frowned upon. I hope one day I don't feel that way. I have many days ahead of me.

I realize there has always been the 'general hate for the civil servant/government', but it has grown tremendously, even I can tell that in my few short years here.

Thank you for your blog Ed, it is good to read some sense in this crazy town. It reminds me that not all people are closed minded and live by the spoon fed gospel that is the Windsor Star.

13) Great work on your blog today! With mini-Gord, I know its an opinion piece, but my god he should do atleast a little bit of research before he just states his views to be fact.

14) This may sound ironic coming from a unionized public employee who had to endure an eye openning summer. I'm all for fiscal responsibility of local government and being accountable to the rate payers. However, it's just maddening when you tally up the millions that have been wasted by this man and how he spins the truth, to get the lesser informed to back him up carte blanche. Cupe isn't the monster that the local biased media has made them out to be, just ordinary working people who have had the nerve to stand up.

Keep up the good work

15) Heh heh, caught one of my coworkers reading your post at work've corrupted us.. lol

16) So Gignac invited the Queen to Windsor.

With the other 8,499 invites that day, I'd really like to see the Queen's dayplanner.

What a way to thrill Windsor residents. She can't do anything else for thrills.

17) OMG Ed, your sarcasm is oozing. I wonder how long it will take for them to get this report to you (if it even exists). Keep at it.

You keep me chuckling with all the craziness going on in this City. I wonder if Edgar (aka Eddie) cringes when he sees your name on a email. He can delete them all he wants - none of us will soon forget his arrogance.

18) What we are dealing with is the “psychology of previous investment”. There are so many reputations on the line and so many dollars have been spent so far that for anyone involved to declare DRIC “dead” would be professional and/or political suicide. Every manipulation, augmentation and fairy tale telling will be deployed to maintain the fantasy that the DRIC bridge is necessary.

Use the “rule of 72” to figure out how long it would take for traffic to roughly double, that is, to get back in the range of the 1999 numbers at say 4% growth. 18 years.

The important numbers, for the WE Parkway, will be revealed next year when the groups vying to build it submit their proposals. $1.6 Billion isn’t going to cut it if they want it to look anything like the concept drawings. The number of structures, road alignment changes and water-course diversions among other engineering challenges will burn through the dollars very quickly IMO. Dalton told us last week when he was here that the Province makes no apologies for the financial position it’s in. Money had to be spent to keep services going, automotive jobs going and infrastructure projects started but, a $25 billion deficit and budget deficits likely for the next few years along with the recent down-grade of Ontario’s debt rating will make it more difficult to make the “road to nowhere” a reality.

Just a little fuel for the fire.

19) Communications are critical in today's world especially when it comes to the public relating to politicians. I just read that the Mayor still says he "will continue to fight" for the Greenlink proposal and probably spend more taxpayer money to boost his ego all for naught.

So what has this got to do with communications.... I suggest the citizens rent the Goodyear blimp and fly it over City Hall with the sign on the blimp flashing....