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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why The Edgar Investigation Is So Strange: Call In The Police (Extra Part)

So much breaking news. Whew!

Here are excerpts from the Star story today on the investigation into Edgar. I am glad to know the leak came out, and the defence of Edgar (aka Eddie) given out so freely in advance, so that we are pre-conditioned to Edgar's innocence. When the Report does come out, it will be old news and who will care.

Why it is the kind of tactic that only the Eminence Greasie would think of but he/she would not get him/herself in the middle of this kind of a jam that could mean a police investigation. Anyway, too many loose ends for his/her kind of warplan.
Too many amateurs involved.

It is quite a bizarre story as I shall fisk. Perhaps you have an explanation because I am trying to think of one.

"Francis-Kilpatrick meeting probed

Mayor confirms commissioner's investigation

Windsor's integrity commissioner is investigating a meeting 16 months ago between Mayor Eddie Francis and former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Several councillors said Earl Basse revealed the investigation at a closed-door meeting Nov. 16. Francis confirmed the investigation Tuesday.

[My goodness, in camera meetings are a sieve. A flood of information comes out now. Why bother having them!

Now we have "several councillors" leaking.

Did you notice any outrage about another leak? This is the third one involving an Integrity Commissioner complaint. Why isn't the Mayor not only flipping but doing hand stands especially when it involves him personally.

Where is the call for affidiavits or Edgar moaning and groaning and being angry. Wasn't it terrific showmanship now with Edgar and the Jones leak looking back.

Why one might now think that no one cared that Jones was being crucified to take the heat off the City for giving out disinformation about the bad faith leak to make it look as if a softliner was the Leakor! Why, it was just so convenient.

Here is something weird too. The Jones story came out right away, just after Basse said in his report, which the Star refuses to report, that the leak came from City Hall, not CUPE. Basse's report was NOT issued until the next Friday, giving lots of time for the Jones leak to come out and for people to think he was the one!

Why did the Edgar leak take so long to come out? Why did it not come out at the same time

And why did Daryl Newcombe not get the story first?]

Basse agreed to study the controversial meeting following a complaint by South Windsor resident Bruce Mc-Leod, The Star has learned. He filed his complaint in early September 2008 -- the day after Waterloo-based Basse was appointed by city council.

[Nice, file a complaint and get your name plastered all over the Star. Who would want to file one now and get into trouble with "the authorities." That should put a chill on things.


Intgegrity Commission procedure states:
  • "Complaints or investigations that are conducted by the City of Windsor Integrity Commissioner are Confidential. The identities of complainants are not revealed nor are the complaints filtered through Council or Staff.]"

News of the Francis-Kilpatrick investigation is the latest leak to the media involving Basse.

[Is someone trying to get rid of Basse or to get him to resign or to get rid of the post since it could be embarrassing down the road before an election?]

Basse told council last week behind closed doors he was investigating the mayors' meeting. It was at the same meeting that he reported the fruitless results of an attempt to find the source of a media leak in mid-June that Basse said derailed negotiations during the summer strike by municipal workers.

[As above, why did it take so long for the Mayor's investigation to come out? If it came out when the Jones leak took place or instead of the Jones leak, would people think that Edgar was at fault? Oh no!]

It was also at that meeting that he told council he was launching an investigation of numerous cellphone calls during the strike between Coun. Ron Jones and CUPE leader Jean Fox.

[Basse has no power to launch an investigation on his own without a complaint. Moreover, we were told his Jones report was almost done. Which is it? Or was it only like the Dunbar "draft," so incomplete now]

"Clearly, council is playing politics and it should just stop," Francis said. "This is a distraction from the business at hand."

[DUH, like the politics Edgar played at Council on Monday slamming the Bridge Company, Councillor Mom and Junior!

Dammit, it is playing politics to reveal the truth about who leaked that caused an extra 4 week strike or who tied the negotiating committee's hands or who cost taxpayers too much money!]

The mayor said he has not yet been interviewed about his meeting with Kilpatrick.

[After so many months! Is Basse that busy or too busy doing investigations that never should have been started?

By the way, did anyone at City Hall know about the Jones investigation being done in advance or how many he is doing or how much he is costing us?]

Coun. Alan Halberstadt did not want to comment on the investigation of Francis, but questioned during Monday's council meeting how much is being spent on Basse. Administration is to report back at a future meeting.

He called the ongoing leaks and investigations a major distraction.

"It's not a good thing," he said. "We are continuing to conduct business, but this all smacks a bit of buffoonery and that's not good."

[I would strongly suggest Councillor that this is one story where you ought not to want to be quoted.

Alan Halberstadt, the People's Choice thinks that finding a leakor who cost CUPE workers millions is buffoonery and a distraction. I am so disappointed in what you have become.

A criminal Councillor who was prepared to be mini-Gord's leakor is corruption, Councillor, not a distraction and that person should be in jail.

Gosh it sounds like Alan has swallowed the Star's approach and would like to move on like his Ward colleague, Fulvio Valentinis.

Oh, I forgot. Alan, you were a hardliner who spread misinformation about who did the leaking

  • "It has become clear now that the infamous "leak" (to the A Channel) of the bargaining positions of the city and CUPE was perpetrated by CUPE National. Details were perhaps verified by one or more people on the city side."

No wonder you want people to forget!

Careful, bet is that you are the next Councillor to be smeared. I would be worried that someone might maliciously name you as the leak as the excuse to get rid of the office or to start a looooong search for a new Integrity Commissioner.

Or to get rid of you!

You are such an easy target too. After all, didn't you BLOG:

  • "Mayor Eddie Francis and Councillors Ken Lewenza and Fulvio Valentinis suggested last week in the Windsor Star that hiring an Integrity Commissioner might be a good idea in the wake of a controversy surrounding the posting of "alleged" sensitive information on the border file on my website.

    Actually, the mayor and some of my colleagues have previously rattled the sabres about putting an Integrity Commissioner on the city's payroll, usually in close proximity to suggestions that the blogs I post on my website are negative, or depart from Council's team concept...

    I have a hunch that some of my colleagues would love to see an Integrity Commissioner monitor my blogs and administer punishment on me for expressing opinions that do not jive with the Council majority. While I can see the merit in Councillors refraining from challenging Council decisions after the fact in ongoing debate around the Council table, I have grave concerns about any Commissioner being given the power of censorship over a public forum such as this.

    I find it hard to believe that such a vile process would even be contemplated in this country in this day and age. But, If that day ever comes to pass, I have a threat for my colleagues, and it isn't veiled.

    I will be bringing Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms into the fray with every ounce of energy in my body and soul."

You see Councillor, the "vile process" is being used as a political tool. Better start reading the Charter!]