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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Leak-EE Stories

I am so far behind in giving you information. There are just too many breaking news stories coming out. I will try and bring forward the older stories as I can.

However, I just had to let you know more about the following:


In keeping with the "leak" theme, could this have happened?

Mancini's insurers who are really suing for the first $1.25M in his name under the insurance policy hired a Toronto lawyer. He probably was driving down to Windsor to file the claim when just after London, nature started to call.

I am sure that he knew the service centres between London and Windsor were closed down so when he saw the sign to Chatham he pulled of the highway to take a......... go to the bathroom.

He must have figured why drive the extra time to file in Windsor when there was a courthouse in Chatham so he just started the lawsuit in Chatham.


Looks like one has to pick friends carefully if one is a Windsor Councillor or dump old ones.

It seems that the real issue involving Councillor Jones is NOT that he was the Leakor but that he phoned his good friend Jean Fox during the strike so many times.

On Eh-Channel the question was raised whether this was a conflict of interest on Jones' part because the strike impacted directly his friend and therefore whether he should have taken part in the debates at Council.

The Mayor commented saying:
  • "The issue in front of us is discussions that were taking place with the head of CUPE in the middle of negotiations. That is an important distinction to be drawn here."

Oh my. A Pandora's box has just been opened by the Mayor not just with this but in other situations. I shall BLOG about this "friendship" concept soon after I gather all of the relevant information. You might be very surprised at the consequences.

What the legal basis for the Basse investigation is since there is no complaint is not known to me nor what the terms of reference are.

All I know, is that this is all going to get very ugly.

Can you imagine what in camera meetings must be like with so many Councillors furious at the Mayor. One more year of this {sigh.}


It seems that he has attended several Council meetings recently. Last night, Junior specifically mentioned him.

Now here is a question that mini-Gord should answer for us in his column or perhaps anyone else who saw him at Council. Who sat beside him last night in the Council Chambers?

Was he alone all night or did one or more people sit beside him? If the latter, were any Senior City people beside him? If so, do you think those people had a serious lack of judgement all things considered these days?

Perhaps mini-Gord could tell us what they talked about too so tongues won't wag.

That should not give rise to a "revealing sources" NO COMMENT from him. It was all innocent I am certain.


Is it true, no it cannot be, that mini-Gord was offered a copy of Junior's Ward 4 presentation but refused to acccept it? Doesn't he want to know a different perspective on the CUPE strike or does he prefer not to have any facts that might suggest that the hardliners screwed up.

Oh I get it now, if true, it must be because mini-Gord had already seen it since I posted it on my BLOGsite.


No more Councillor Loopy?

Some of you may have thought that Councillor Hatfield was another one of those union softliners in the CUPE strike.

After all, given his background, that would be a normal assumption to make:

  • "While working at the CBC, Councillor Hatfield was a Union Shop Steward and held several National and International positions with his union, The Canadian Media Guild, which is a local of The Newspaper Guild and a Sector within the Communications Workers of America, including CMG Vice-President for Central Canada; three terms as an At-Large Vice-President with TNG/CWA; and two terms as TNG/CWA's Vice-President for Eastern Canada."

Whether that assumption is right or wrong, you can judge as well as I after reading the in camera Minutes and Junior's Presentation. What I do know now is that he has become one of Gord's favourites recently:

  • "Brister, in failing to abide by those play-nice rules, brought a storm of righteous indignation down on his head.

    The blasts came from all directions...

    Ward 5 Coun. Percy Hatfield chimed in, calling the timing "insensitive," given that it came as politicians and senior staff were welcoming the unhappy strikers back to work...

    But that was then and this is now...

    But what sweet redemption then to have both Dilkens and Hatfield (the latter is rapidly maturing in his fourth year in politics) backing his motion this week calling for tenders to gauge the cost of full or partial privatization of garbage collection."


Councillor Mature has spoken.

Thank goodness that Councillor Mature read us the Auditor General of Ontario letter that he thought closed down any argument that the Dunbar audit should ever be released.

Of course it does not. The AG specifically would not comment on the City's legal opinion and would not comment on the factual situation in Windsor because he did not know what it was. He just related his situation which is not like Windsor's at all.

In fact, he told the City to get a second legal opinion.

Here is the letter

Sorry, Councillor, the matter is NOT closed!


Oh my. Will the ears of Edgar (aka Eddie) and Council Mature burn after hearing this

They effectively discounted everything that Edgar said and put the blame right back on Council.

Councillor Mature's invitation to the Bridge Company to attend serves no useful purpose when Edgar accuses them of being blockbusters and not buying homes at fair market value. It is a lost battle for them already so why attend to feed Edgar's ego.

After all, Edgar could NOT allow the Motion to be heard because he needed the Bridge Company there to take the blame for his actions.

Hatfield's invitation and Edgar's taunting to egg on the Bridge Company to get them to come to Council so he can slam them down by rejecting everything they want really will accomplish nothing.

Edgar is acting so childishly. If Stamper does come, watch him intimidate Edgar as he has done in the past! Watch Paula Lombardi just ignore him and stare him down when he tries to interupt as she has done too if she makes a statement.

Can you say another residents' lawsuit for reasonable apprehension of bias at the meeting in 2 weeks.


The Kindergarten principal at Council again scolded all Councillors especially Councillor Lewenza who attacked the Star's poor coverage of the CUPE strike for somehow abusing the Statements part of the Agenda.

He pulled out the Procedural By-law to rub it in Councillors' faces.

As far as I know, a Councillor can speak:


    18.1 Members of Council shall be governed by the following rules:

    a) Each Member shall be limited to 3 minutes 

    b) Statements shall be non-controversial in nature  

    c) Statements shall be intended for the purpose of sharing information about events/ activities/community functions and general work of Council Members on behalf of their Council colleagues, constituents and the community.

Junior spoke specifically about his community function, his Ward meeting, and his work on behalf of constituents and the Community. Sure he commented on the Star's lack of coverage but that is important for the Community to know and where they could get more information.

Why were Edgar's shorts in such a knot? Did he think it was his job to protect the Star?

I am curious to know though what section of the Procedural By-law allowed him to go on a diatribe against the Bridge Company in the statement he made? Or am I missing a section of the By-law?

Perhaps he will have to give himself an after-Council detention!


So many references to Hilary Payne being escorted out--four of them--but it was NOT shown in the Star video or on Cogeco.

It was in fact a different gentleman who had 2 of Chief Smith's finest escort him out of the Council Chamber, not Mr. Payne. Was that gentleman patted down so another apology might have to be given by the Chief?

Let this be a lesson to him and to others who dare try and stand up for their rights. Be completely subservient or else really get slammed.

I wonder if there will be a correction published one day.