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Monday, October 19, 2009

A Torrent Of Stories

So many more.


Just to remind you what Edgar (aka Eddie) said:
  • "Mayor Eddie Francis warned residents Monday to steer clear of the area late at night if they value their safety.

    "If people are concerned, they should be concerned," said Francis. "I would avoid that street. At 2 a.m., 3 a.m., 4 a.m., if you're concerned don't be on Pelissier Street on that corner.

    "Businesses continue to be open and residents continue to live without any problems for the majority of the day," Francis said. "But in this particular location at a particular time there seems to be problems."

Yet, days later, he can also say as quoted by CBC

  • "In 2006, Windsor created a guns, gangs and drugs unit, Francis said, specifically to handle the cross-border drug trade.

    "We have demonstrated in the past that we've been able to partner with both American and Ontario authorities," he said.

    "So we are on top of these issues and will continue to be on top of these issues, because we believe very strongly that we need to take it to the gangs."

Well, a problem identified by the Mayor on one street corner only and nothing can be done other than Edgar floating an idea about a pedestrian mall.

Here is a generous offer that we will see if it is ignored:

  • "Businessman offers free space for mini-police station

    Windsor business owner Larry Horwitz is offering free downtown commercial space to city officials and the police in hopes they'll use it for a mini-police station.

    Horwitz would provide the space, on Pelissier Street, "at no cost for the next six months so they may facilitate the monitoring of the comings and goings of the bar scene," he said."

Heck, we do not have staff for that. We have to crack-down on tailgating parties at the East End arena.


Sorry Councillor Gignac, no luck so far. Good thing that the Councillor visited in the summer and not now. What would her response have been if the Queen asked her:

  • "She was very interested in terms of what’s happening in Windsor."

In any event, we just learned that

  • "Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, will visit 12 Canadian cities in four provinces next month in their first trip to Canada as a married couple.

    The couple will visit the following cities and communities during their 11-day visit: St. John's, Cupids, and Brigus in Newfoundland; Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara-on-the Lake, Petawawa in Ontario, Victoria and Vancouver in B.C., and Gatineau and Montreal in Quebec."

I don't know but I just cannot help feeling that the scare stories about the DRIC road health impacts and the violence of our downtown and the CUPE strike revelations to come may just have scared away the Royal couple.


Tunnel traffic is tanking, minimal work is being done on Tunnel Plaza improvements, tolls have been increased and toll and rental revenues are down about $1M at year end 2008.

Yet more legal fees are going to be paid out, that is for sure since Transport Canada has given their approval for the rollover of the tunnel to a "private' City subsidiary company under the International Bridges and Tunnels Act

Don't worry, once it is private, it will be treated like the airport...reporters and the public will be kicked out of meetings.


The Provincial deficit increased dramatically and now the Federal story is just as bad.
  • "Federal deficit $5.8B in July

    Spending up 30%, revenue down 15%

    The federal government recorded a nearly $6-billion deficit for the month of July, as growth in program spending soared 30 per cent while tax revenue fell 15 per cent.

    For the first four months of the fiscal year, the budget shortfall stands at $18.3 billion -- of which roughly half is attributable to the measures included in Ottawa's two-year, $46.6-billion stimulus package...

    Just last month, the federal government warned that the deficit this fiscal year, ending March 31, 2010, was projected to be $56 billion, slightly more than its previous $50 billion estimate.

    Annual deficits are now expected up until 2014-15, but there's no indication when a budget balance will emerge."

Nope, we do not need Matty Moroun's money for a new crossing when we can soak taxpayers.


What a terrific message sent by Windsor City Council about joint efforts between the City and County.

Even Councillor Brister did not attend


Edgar's buddy, Mayor Daley of Chicago lost out in getting the Olympics. Why though is Edgar feeling so bad:

  • "Chicago's pain at losing its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics was shared Friday at Windsor city hall.

    "Ohhhhh ... you're kidding me. That sucks," said a disappointed Mayor Eddie Francis as he stared at his BlackBerry and the flashing real-time news of the IOC decision in Copenhagen.

    "Who'd it go to?" he called out from his office to staff who were also eagerly following the up-to-the-second voting in the Danish capital.

    That's sad," Francis said of Chicago's loss."

Geeez, Edgar, do I have to do all of the thinking for our City. It's now our huge opportunity. You see if Chicago won, then we would have no chance for decades to come!

We all know that Windsor is the premier sports City in North America:

  • "Our track record speaks for itself to host these events," said Francis at the time. "From the Super Bowl, to Wrestlemania, to the Grand Prix."

We should remake a joint bid with Detroit for the Games. "A host city is expected to be announced in mid-2013" for the 2020 Games. What a world's stage that would be with Edgar re-elected for the next decade or two to pull it off.

As Governor Granholm said back in 2006

  • "With three universities and downtown sports venues, Detroit has the facilities to pull off a summer games, she said. And, with Windsor just across the river, Detroit's uniquely positioned to host the first international Olympic games. Gov. Jennifer Granholm supports the idea of attracting the Olympics to the region. "We have said that with the success of the All-Star Game, and the success of the Super Bowl, that the sky is the limit..."

Think of the big $$$ that the Senior Levels would pour in here. The money could be used

  • to justify a high-speed train from Montreal to Chicago via our new transportation hub

  • to build the canal for tourists

  • to build an Olympic Village at Mr. Farhi's site and elsewhere downtown that would be our Urban Village after the Games

  • to expand the airport and turn it into a Lufthansa Cargo Shanty and get us another scheduled carrier or two

  • to build a new Olympic stadium (for CFL later) and pay off the debt of the University stadium

  • build an extension of the WFCU arena to house the Coyotes down the road,

  • to turn Mt Francis into a ski hill after the next strike

  • to hire more police for Pellisier to keep visitors safe from gangs, guns and drugs.
Symphony halls, water taxi terminals, Tunnel plaza improvements, an Aquarium...come's time to THINK OLYMPIC SIZED BIG before the next election!