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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Wow, what an impressive effort. Take a look at services, regroup them, change the number and call it a success with only several more years of effort required to implement the changes...Just in time for the new Council to re-organize all over again.

Probably all the extra time taken can be blamed on the CUPE strike.

Seriously, what business could run this way? Which business has this luxury of time?


Dave Battagello of the Star did a nice story about the
  • "more than 30 senior managers have either been terminated, taken other jobs or disappeared into the sunset."

When is Part 2 coming out? We need to know who replaced all of those people, how they were hired, what are their salaries and so on. Of course we need to know their connections too don't we.

This language in the Star about how the Undevelopment Commission Chair was put into his position reminded me of how another senior person was appointed:

  • "Lindsay Boyd couldn't refuse earlier this year when Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis and Essex County Warden Nelson Santos asked him to help put the region's foundering development commission back on solid ground."

I guess no one can refuse these types of offers. But it is curious that the Board itself did not choose its Chair.

Dave wrote about something along those lines when he was writing a BLOG for the Star. Now that it has been taken offline, that BLOG disappeared too.

I am sure that he must have kept a copy. Perhaps he could update it and the Star can publish it as Part 2.


Imagine my shock when I saw this on the Council agenda:

  • "Roseland Bunker Rehabilitation"

Was someone expecting a war over the border file or the canal project or the non-release of the 400 audit and so was fixing up a site for the Mayor, Council and Senior Administrators to hide out if there was any civil disobedience?

Then I wondered if it had to do with shudder "SEX" after this. We ARE Sin City after all:

  • "Sex scandal funnyman David Letterman kept a secret bedroom at his talk show's studio that only a select few female staffers were allowed to visit, it has been claimed.

    The late night star last week admitted to having sex with his staff after allegedly being blackmailed for $2 million over the juicy details.

    Now staff at The Late Show say their boss has long kept a bedroom they dubbed 'the bunker' in the Ed Sullivan Theater where his show is taped.

    And they insisted that it was strictly off-limits to anyone but his 'favourite female underlings'."

Oh my goodness. I could hardly wait to open the report. And then I found out what it was really about: sand traps!

What a disappointment that was.


Will Windsor become like the Detroit papers?

Interesting figures:

  • "Online in particular saw major readership growth year over year of 10%, demonstrating the increasing dependence and trust Canadians are putting in online sites operated by major newspapers."

Stories too about Canwest selling its newspapers and then NOT selling its papers.

Now that I may have an Editorial cartoonist, all I need are a few more staff and then I can start an online paper to compete.


This is how it will start, just as in Sarnia. All for the DRIC road detour. This is the excuse that will be used to justify the upgrade of E C Row (along with the airport hub excuse as well):

  • "Traffic snarls expected in Sarnia

    If you're planning a trip to Sarnia this weekend, expect traffic snarls.

    An overpass will be removed on Highway 402, forcing up to 12-thousand vehicles to be rerouted to the Blue Water Bridge to the US.

    Beginning tomorrow, the highway will be closed in both directions to allow for the removal of the overpass at Christina Street.

    Police are asking drivers to avoid the work zone if possible because of traffic flow and safety concerns."


Wow, her Council must have nerves of steel to stand up to such a powerful Mayor:

  • "Mayor Hazel facing judicial review

    Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion will face a judicial review following the news that she did not declare a conflict of interest in a land development deal...

    McCallion is facing a judicial review into conflict-of-interest allegations stemming from her involvement in a proposed $14.4 million land deal that was being brokered by her son, Peter McCallion, while the rezoning of the land was before council...

    After getting a legal opinion from an outside law firm, fellow councillors voted 6-4 on Wednesday to have a judge review the matter."