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Friday, October 30, 2009

A Reader's Swine Flu Idea

After the Star story about the flu clinics, this idea makes sense.

I was at the hospital in Emergency with my daughter the other day and the crowds were huge, much bigger than normal even late at night. I asked the lady in Admitting the reason and she said people were in a panic now about the flu and were going to the hospital at the first sign of a sniffle in their kids
  • Ed, I would like to get this idea to the bureaucrats and those at the Windsor/Essex Health Unit (and to the public). I know that many of these officials read your daily blog and trust they will act in order to expedite the total inoculation process in this area. I hope that you feel the following would be timely on your blog.....

    With each passing day we are reading or hearing in the media of long line ups of people wanting to get the H1N1 flu shot. There is much confusion of who is to get it when, what group you fall into and the fact you may even wait for hours only to see the supply dwindle at the clinic before you receive the shot. This only results in frustration and lack of confidence on the part of the public to those officials and bureaucrats in charge of distributing the vaccine.

    They say sometimes that "a little common sense goes a long way." Instead of bringing people to designated clinics with probably a large majority being school age students from kindergarten through grade 12... why not have the vaccine "come to them." In other words, have officials of the Public Health Office set up an organized program of distributing the vaccine to the students in the schools.... class by class. The benefits would be well worth the effort as it would greatly reduce the line ups at the community vaccination clinics, and would get a large majority of the populous inoculated during school hours with minimal effort.

    I trust that any officials of the Windsor/Essex Health Unit reading this will take this idea to their superiors. There is no need for a long consultive process to bring this to fruition as it can be done quickly. We need to get the maximum number of people inoculated as quickly as possible and this is an easy way to do it.

    As I said previously... a little common sense might go a long way.