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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Postman Rings Once

Doing some catch-up mail. More letters from readers:

1) [Re: Mini-Gord Makes It All Better] Very well done

2) I started reading your Blog during the strike and have continued ever since. This is my second email to you, the last being to tell you there was lots of overtime going on. I can tell you it continues for CUPE employees except garbage collection...

Interesting to see Tim Berthiume has won his law suit on this issue...

There were others [who left] not named by the Star. I can think of many others not named that were terminated or left over the last few years. Mini-Gord is wrong. The numbers are significant. If you had a different opinion, you were out.

3) Dear Ed,
A great read! Thank you for starting my day off so beautifully.
Have a wonderful day.

4) i loved the fact that Dennis Perlin spoke to the star! He was the most jovial friendly man to the front line workers! John S was so kind and i know he felt for us during the strike! After our return i saw John and he said hi and asked how i was and i shook my head and looked away. He knew i was bitter. He came up to me and said welcome back. You were all missed. i thanked him. He truly sounded sincere and i could see the concern. When we see Eddie around he looks away.

Rumour is that [Name of person] is next to go and has hired a lawyer...

Morale is low in workplace. Union solidarity is still there and strong!

5) I read with great interest your article about Mayor Francis being at the Lebanese Embassy in Ottawa during the strike and my mouth hit the floor!

I live near the Lebanese Embassy! If only I would have known I could have organized a greeting!

6) Wow! You are incredible! You certainly know how to tie it all together Ed!

Why wouldn't the sitting CAO be at AMO?

7) Interesting blog. Found this.........In Toronto, that act of giving the
Key of the City is symbolic, since the city has no gates to unlock.
Today, the presentation honours outstanding civic contributions of the
recipients. Historically, it is at the discretion of the mayor to
determine who receives a Key to the City.

so why a key to the outgoing lebanese Ambassador? Wonder how many times he has
actually visited Wiindsor?? And if one would suggest the key was given as there is a great amount of Lebanese living in Windsor - then ask why is a Consulate not here and not just Montreal, Halifax and Toronto? Hey I wonder if they gave the ambassador a key too??

8) Nice Catch Blogmeister! I often wondered if Edgar was having grand visions of Dubai's Cargo Village. This proves it. His fascination with onions and vegetables also brought visions of exotic fruits and veggies showing up at local markets everywhere.

9) I have just discovered your site while doing a little research on local politics. It has definately caught my eye as a bit of a rabble rouser myself.

If what i gleamed from your site is correct......that Eddie is being wooed by the Cons to run against Brian or quite amusing. I have worked on his campaigns in the past as I thought he was the best option for Mayor at the time, however after this whole fiasco i am regretting it!! I was so disgusted in fact that it greatly contributed to my decision to move out [of Windsor]

The strike was bad enough, the shananigans that went on were disgusting. But what really blew my mind was this whole underhanded deal with Watson, Baird, and Francis. I absolutely cannot believe that Francis was meeting with and doing deals with the cons (who don't even represent Windsor) that OUR elected council members were not privvy to!!! What the hell is that about!!

I'm sorry but as a voter I felt totally betrayed as a supporter I felt betrayed, as a resident I felt betrayed. What the hell do we need a new ditch for???...we can't even fill the marina we already have, what makes them think this ditch would bring in the money???? When I found out that Watson was involved in this I decided enough is enough, then that Baird......I'm outta here!! Can't take it any more. I only hope the municipal politicians out here are a little more forthright than some of the clowns on the Windsor council.

I hope Eddie does run against Brian or Joe, he's cocky enough to think he'd win... then he'll be soundly thumped by two MP's who actually care about this city, and fight FOR this city, and Eddy will be standing in line with the rest of us looking for a new job!!!

Yikes, what a mess, anyways your blog is very thought provoking, and I plan to be checking it out fairly often. As for the Windsor Star......they've forgotten the journalism is supposed to report FACTS not opinions

10) well, Ed, to be FAIR...Ms Nazzani DID discover the old compass design in the old terazzo floors and insisted that it be shined up and prominently displayed...
that's a step ... er.. forward... um... not really...

11) [Re Megaprojects] Ed - THANK YOU for the link - logic so clear and simple that even a humble CUPE member can completely understand....

but what fun is there in truth when some are so EXPERT in the lie?

Can you imagine a world where people understood that the worst truth is better than the best lie?

And conducted themselves accordingly?

And were rewarded for accuracy, and penalized for 'optimistic bias'?

Ah, makes me nostalgic for the 60s/70s, dreaming the dream of truth and transparency...

I hope EVERYONE reads this document - thanks again!

12) you just re-enforce the need for another newspaper to give us both sides of a story and todays blog even more so.

13) I just found the e-mail I sent to you in your blog today [Re the ex-CAO] and it has just made me realize that you print both sides, something the STARE won't do. You could just as easily have hit delete, instead you chose to print it.

14) I like your updated profile pic. Your writing is as provocative as ever

[NOTE: About time someone noticed!!]

15) [RE Dunbar audit]This whole situation is going to blow like a mountain top!!

after reading Saturdays newspaper which surprised a lot of people where is the Star going with this.

All the managers are afraid of their jobs and I would not be wrong in saying a lot of them have there resumes or will have them out very soon. Edgar is going to fire a few more, just wait and see. This is not good for the City at all.

Do we have a leader out there? The current bunch at City Hall are a total joke.

16) Wow the star must have me on some sort of black list...I responded to the article about the cities managment leaving/fired/quiting and they didn't post my wasn't even that bad...I think....I just said that if the star wrote more articles like this one (facts and not opinion), I might consider renewing my subscription. lol, I guess I won't be renewing then...

17) Dwight took a couple of hits relating to money spent in or near his riding in question period yesterday. I think the ‘optics’ of any extra money to Greenlink-ify the WE Parkway may hurt Spanky’s future ambitions. He may be forced to tell Edward that there is no more money.

18) Ed, will you please do us all a favour and contact Mike Dunbar for a one on one. That scoop would make you a Super SUPER Hero and Lord knows this city needs one.

19) Still reading your blog....great stuff. Every week or so you strengthen my resolve about the innaccurate, weak and dirty reporting done by the star. Everytime i read responses on their website I think of all the people who have been swayed by their propaganda.

20) [Re 400 audit] This is so reminiscent of the Canderel fiasco. Back in its planning stages, it had been proposed as a 32 storey building. [My view was] that if it reached 20 storeys the City would be lucky... CoW never fails to impress in its ineptitude. I still get a chuckle about the $20 million arena and what it ended up costing. Was it built where the NASCAR track was supposed to go?

21) I have to laugh at Kenny Lewenza's statement that his motion is coincidental to his proclamation that he is seeking re-election. If so he could have brought up either months ago.

If this city wasn't so sad it would be laughable. Unfortunately it is that sad.

22) As you are a lawyer, you know better than I, but, it seems to me as ,a former auditor, that the section of the OMA quoted is intended to ensure confidentiality is maintained by the Auditor General and every person UNDER their instructions i.e. subordinates. Much the same as third party auditors are obligated not to disclose any information they learn during an audit except under subpoena. The City is not under the instructions of the Auditor General and likely could choose to release the report. The comments attributed to Zalev and Marra are telling though, concern for lawsuits etc.

23) whatta ginormous error in judgment HE turned out to be (I made the same incorrect assumption you did, first time around)...

Just imagine what the city would be like if every problem that arose was dealt with by those 'in charge' telling you 'then DON'T GO THERE..."

oh, wait... YEAH, it would be JUST LIKE the corner of Wyandotte and Pelissier...

and I completely agree with you re the 'incredulous' tone of the Star, "gee, why are they mad at Edgar?"

but frankly, there's just less and less for even the most ardent bootlicker, I mean 'mainstream journalist", to whip up a cheer over.

and PLEASE go after the non-release of the Dunbar audit report... it took HOW MANY YEARS, and an out-of-town lawyer to explain that it would be "against the LAW"
to release the document???? (geez, if Councillor Valentinis insisted on viewing sample boards of tiles, grout colours, etc, and to be the one to choose the colour scheme for the washrooms... wonder what ELSE might come out??)

The boys and girls at the Legal Department must enjoy not having to do anything more than sign off on official documents....

and just a thought about our dear departed Scooby...can we say "constructive dismissal"? I think we CAN....

but my days of having access to proof of wrongdoing are long past....

A tongue in one's head, understanding of right versus wrong, foresight, all these things are FATAL afflictions for city staff....

nervously waiting for what's to come, and praying to the OMERS gods for an early retirement offer....

24) [After receiving a "nothing" reply from her MP] I officially hate ALL politicians.

25) The old CAO gets a cheque to leave, a new CAO is simply appointed, a suddenly redundant Department Manager is escorted off the property and rubber stamp Council Members employ election year double talk. How is that for transparent democracy in Windsor?

Keep up the good work.

26) Looks like Dwight Duncan is going to pay off the deficit in one fell swoop.
If Ontario sues for the full $50 billion dollar deficit...........

27) Hi Ed, How are you? I would like to comment on you story Informed Consent. Not only did you hit the nail on the Head
about the contract, you might have raised alot of questions to some of the "other" issues that also plague this city.
I really enjoyed the truth and your style. Great Story.

28) [Re: Termination/Resignation/Payment and Democracy] Great blog!

29) we (the employees) knew he was not going to stay. He was stripped of all of
his authority during the strike. He has way too much to offer to be a
puppet... come on John talk...

So it goes. come on election

30) (Re Small airports) Well written article. It IS obvious. If I can get it, it must be obvious. I despise politics, but now I get both a good daily chuckle and an education, thanks to you!

It's too bad, really. I think it is a great idea, take an existing resource (as opposed to taking on new and expensive ideas) and making money off of its revenue. IF it's feasible, that is. Do they actually believe that cargo will just 'fly' over the border??? Security is tighter than ever; how on earth could anyone assume that Windsor would be exempt from the application of current security measures. As usual, the mayor and council are chasing dreams with no basis in reality.

I think it's time for Windsorites to send in ideas for improving the economy, (like a contest). It'd be a fun read, and maybe the ideas can be forwarded to council. God knows, they can't seem to think of them on their own. And since 'arrogance has no bounds', they'd probably reject the ideas anyway..especially if it wouldn't cost much.

31) [Re If You Cannot Silence 'Em, Hire 'Em] Hilarious... It WOULD be cool though, to have Chris in the Legal department and you are elected as Mayor! And you will be known as 'Ed', not Edgar nor Eddie. Hopefully, Gord won't pick on you nor the public for using your first name. If necessary, we can call you Honest Ed!

I'd look forward to reading our Newsletters!

32) Yes, you are quite right about the mistakes made in marriage license applications during the strike. So far, [almost a dozen] errors found,

[In one case] Whether or not those two individuals are legally married is another question. I wonder if they could sue the City, and be reimbursed for the total cost of their wedding and honeymoon? They could thank Edgar for that one!

33) I've enjoyed your articles for months now on the strike issues and wanted to meet you in person..

I was very busy during the strike keeping peace,order and boosting spirits of ever changing picket line conditions.I share alot of your opinions along with other local 82 members.I am not part of the executive board or any active role other than a regular member for [X] years.

I can't imagine what has happened at city hall and gone unnoticed by the general public.I know there are different values in play for people today since I was a wee lad,but my god.

The mayor seems to have a win win plan before he executes his ideas.I think we have beat him at his own game accidentally, simply by doing very little or nothing to rebute his moves.He and other councilors are now over confident and will crush the work force in time unless something is done now.

34) [Re TV show] Was great! Loved it! Big hit at work!