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Friday, September 18, 2009

Harper Is Done Like Burnt Toast

Forget the Socialists, Separatists and Stephen. Look for Michael, Michaƫlle and Matty.

What a combo that will be to save Canada and allow free trade to prosper between Canada and the US once again! The end of protectionism and threats of it from both sides as our and American goods cross the #1 border crossing between Canada and the US, the Enhanced Ambassador Bridge!

The national media just do not get it. Stephen Harper as a brilliant political strategist is a dud. He failed, again, as he did with his ill-conceived move earlier that brought us to a constitutional crisis.

The Liberal back-room boys out-thought the Conservatives as they always used to do in the past when I was deeply involved in politics. Dion as an example was nothing more then their sacrificial lamb that allowed the Party to regroup.

Don't you get it, IGGY's move to call for an election was NOT designed for Canadians but to undercut Harper just before he went to Washington to meet President Obama and the Congressional leaders.


Harper achieved nothing of significance for our economy except to allow the Leafs to keep their charter flights.

42 minutes with Obama, Harper was lucky to get any minutes as a possible about to be defeated Prime Minister. Why bother talking to someone who might not be around after the ways and means vote in Ottawa.

Now you know why Harper backed off and was so glad to get the NDP and Bloc support! Harper caved so that the President would NOT postpone his meeting again as he did with his 15 minute at the Three Amigos Summit.

And that suited IGGY just fine. He just made a fool out of the tough PM who would not deal with Separatists and Socialists in his video but who was forced to do so to save his skin.

As for the Bloc propping up the Conservatives who are hated in Quebec, where else can their supporters go but to IGGY now. And Harper being friends with Brian will only be viewed with suspicion by Mulroney loyalists in that Province. It was mentioned on an early morning TV show I watched that Brian never mentioned Stephen's name in his speech at the 25th Anniversary of the Mulroney majority Government celebration.

The NDP are in trouble with Layton's move. It will be the same problem for the NDP faithful. IGGY will be their man or they will sit out in the next election and not vote allowing Liberals to sneak back in since the vote will not be split.

After Harper's failure in Washington to end protectionism, there go Southern Ontario voters with the loss of manufacturing jobs.

And with the by-election losses provincially in Alberta and in Ontario, the momentum has changed from the Conservatives at all levels. No wonder Edgar wants to be Mayor of Windsor again and will likely not run federally now!

A majority Liberal Government is a no-brainer now.

Now perhaps you will understand, dear reader, why I urged the other day that Harper be forced out if the Conservatives have any hope to form the next Government!

It really is all over but the vote counting. Michael proved to be the strong guy who took the abuse and propped up the Government during the economic crisis when he could have been PM under the Coalition. Michael is now the strong guy who took the abuse about calling the election now since Harper would not deal with the Opposition properly as the video showed unless he thought he would be kicked out and then he folded. Harper is now nothing more than a typical weak politician who craves power. The Bloc and NDP mere opportunists whose members want to save their pensions.

Only Michael is interested in the well-being of Canada! What a new slogan that idea will make.

Here is the shocking stuff that few have yet mentioned. Obama's snubs of Harper were designed as a signal that the Americans want IGGY as PM and will deal with him only. No wonder Harper's visit to DC accomplished nothing. Iggy's academic friends in the Obama Administration are going to make sure that IGGY is successful, not Stephen for heaven's sake.

People also forget that the Liberal Senators were supporters of the Bridge Company position during the Bill C-3 debate once they understood what the issues were. The Transport Canada slam-dunk turned into Senate Observations language that was very favourable to the Bridge Company especially if there is litigation.

When IGGY and Matty meet, as they must, there is no doubt in my mind that a reasonable accommodation will be made between them over our border crossing and part of the resolution will be Matty helping out IGGY and his new Government with his contacts in the US Federal Governmnet as well as in Michigan and elsewhere. Do not forget that Matty's companies have offices all over the US in many States where Canada sells goods!

The last weapon in IGGY's aresenal will be the Governor-General. Michaƫlle and Obama hit it off in a way that Harper and Obama never did and never will after NAFTA-gate. Remember that Obama invited her and not Stephen to Washington! Do you really think that only a deputy chief of protocol would have met her at the White House door on her arrival as was Stephen's greeting.

What a triple play that will be for Canada. Bring on the election already!