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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Windsor Is Rolling In Dough

We actually do not need any bread here.

Except Windsorites do not really understand it! It is being hidden from us because of the CUPE strike and the Firefighter arbitration I would guess where the City is crying poverty.

Compare these 3 stories and see what I mean.

  • "Windsor received more than those other municipalities because it asked for more, said Francis, and because it has been devastated by unemployment, setting a national high this month with a rate of 14 per cent. As well, Windsor was in a position to pay for more projects under the infrastructure program, which requires a one-third contribution from participating municipalities.

    "Given the choice in terms of being the city that received the most or the city having the highest unemployment rate, I would rather not be in that situation," said Francis before Monday's council meeting.

    "But, unfortunately, we are in that position and receiving the type of assistance that we're getting from the federal and provincial government will go a long way to help us reposition our economy."


  • "In Windsor, though, Francis says his council was prudent and wise, too.

    While his city plans to spend about one-third more on public works over two years than will be done in larger London, Francis says not a penny will be borrowed.

    To do anything less wouldn't be right in a city where jobless rates have led the nation for several years, Francis said.

    "We've been knocked down to the ground," he said.

    So how can Windsor afford to do much more than London without borrowing a dime?

    Francis says his city in the past five years has accomplished what seems an insurmountable task: Eliminate borrowing for public works while doubling what's spent on those works, all while keeping tax increases among the lowest in Ontario.

    "That's unheard of among municipalities," he said."

Gee, do you think the Firefighters' lawyer was right after all:

  • "City of Windsor spending big while crying poor, arbitrators told

    WINDSOR, Ont. -- The city is pursuing lavish projects like a $70-million arena and a $50 million canal for downtown while crying poverty during contract negotiations with local firefighters, a panel of arbitrators was told Monday.

    “If there was a dark cloud, you’d think they would batten down the hatches,” said Bill Cole, an Ottawa lawyer representing 301 members members of the Windsor Firefighters Association who have been without a contract for more than three years.

    “They have done just the opposite. You can’t suggest an inability to pay and then build a $50-million canal.”