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Monday, June 15, 2009

Can Someone Introduce Me To This Person

She seems to have disappeared. Can you blame her if she really is a City Hall employee:
  • "Mayor Eddie Francis said Wednesday he had viewed the footage and that city administrators believed they had identified the culprit as a city worker and CUPE member.

    "That is just disgusting and disgraceful," said Francis. "The longer this strike continues, unfortunately and regrettably, these types of disgraceful tactics are taking place and it's a poor reflection on all of us."

    Francis said it was possible the striking employee could face sanctions and urged CUPE leaders to denounce such conduct."

Nasty language. Except it does not appear that the Mayor had talked to her when he made his remarks but already she is a "culprit" who may be punished!

However, if she or anyone on her behalf would like to contact me to discuss this matter I would be very pleased to do so. Just email me and leave a number for me to call.

There was another incident told to me by a couple of people independently that involved a member of the public who acted in a "disgusting and disgraceful" manner. I just wondered if there was a connection.

Anonymity will be respected.