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Friday, June 26, 2009

Call The Integrity Commissioner---Another Leak

Oh my goodness. Another leak, this time to discredit CUPE to the nth degree. Perhaps it's right, perhaps it's wrong. But now it is out there.

According to Councillor Halberstadt's BLOG:
  • "It has become clear now that the infamous "leak" (to the A Channel) of the bargaining positions of the city and CUPE was perpetrated by CUPE National. Details were perhaps verified by one or more people on the city side."
Yes folks, details were perhaps verified that CUPE did it. Or perhaps they were not. And from the City side as well too. What a shock!

Who leaked this new news? Where did it come from? What is its basis?

I demand that the Integrity Commissioner investigate this new spilling of information

Councillor Halberstadt needs to be put under oath right away to tell us who gave him this bombshell and what are the facts.

Wait a minute. How did this become clear? Did someone have access to the Integrity Commissioner's investigation? Was information disclosed prematurely and if so by whom and to whom and how did it get to the Councillor? I think this needs investigating as well!

We need to hire an independent, part-time quasi-Integrity Commissioner to investigate the investigation of the Integrity Commissioner now!

Daryl Newcombe must be smiling at the new story that he can cover!

Speaking of Daryl, he must have liked this line in the Star story about the leak:
  • "The leaked details were first reported by Daryl Newcombe of A Channel News Wednesday night."
I don't know about you but this is one of the only times that I can recall that the Star has given credit for someone else scooping them. I just can't help wondering wonder why that was done and does it have any significance.