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Friday, April 24, 2009

Windsor Red Bull Attractions

For all the out-of-town folks who will be coming to Windsor for the Red Bull Air Races, it looks like the Company has thoughtfully put up some space on their website to let people know about all of the sights and sounds of this Region
  • Red Bull Air Race---Windsor Ontario---Tickets---Flights, Hotels, Transportation--- More Info & Booking---Activities---Windsor---Activities in Windsor Ontario (Note there are other ways to get to the Windsor attractions page)

I wonder if the Tourism Chair, Councillor Dilkens, knows that one of our best attractions is Niagara Falls. He might wonder why we are not promoting it harder! Perhaps he might ask Gord Orr for an explanation. I am sure Gord can tell him when the Falls became part of our region.

Good thing a reader alerted me to this. Otherwise, all of those Americans coming here might get hopelessly lost! If that happened, just watch Eddie blaming the Bridge Co. for trying to close down Huron Church.