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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Have Three Become Five. OR More

Will the canal fiasco be Eddie's undoing the way DRTP was for ex-Mayor Mike Hurst.

We'll know soon enough.

The "Three" are the Three Blind Mice whom Henderson named after Councillors Halberstadt, Dilkens and Marra dared defy our Mayor and
  • "sided with an infuriated bridge company in opposing the passing of interim control and demolition control bylaws designed to halt the bulldozers in historic Olde Sandwich while imaginative plans for the community are moving forward."
This has nothing to do with the border file but rather Councillors tired of being treated as irrelevant by a Mayor who is running roughshod over Democracy in this City.

Here is what Councillor Jones said the other day:
  • "Council has yet to begin debate on the canal district proposal, but Coun. Ron Jones said he's already heard enough to know he won't be supporting it.

    "It's not going to fly ... it's a pipe dream," said Jones. His Ward 2 would host the marina-canal development, a multimillion-dollar plan a study group and consultants have identified as the Windsor downtown's way out of economic decline.

    He's angry at how Mayor Eddie Francis has handled the file since the concept was first unveiled last summer, and he dismisses the privately funded "nice, glossy report" handed councillors Monday night.

    "It's my ward -- I haven't been consulted. I'm just tired of it," said Jones."

He and his Wardmate had said previously:

  • "Councillors Ron Jones and Caroline Postma, whose Ward 2 would host the marina-canal, have said they won't vote on the proposal until they and their constituents have had an opportunity to see it."

Now Councillor Postma has written in her Blog "Shame on You Gord Henderson"

  • "Council applied for over $180 million in projects that are sorely needed like sewers, retention ponds that will help stop flooding basements, much needed airport upgrades to support the business expanding for a perishable goods center, major intersection improvements and long awaited city center street-scape. If the Feds will not fund these projects because they don’t have a “Wow” factor, then there is a fundamental problem with their system. Is council supposed to ignore the major capital expenditures we have on the books to improve the quality of life for residents because MP Jeff Watson and his government say roads and sewers are not “pie in the sky” projects...

    Lesson to be learned –opinion columnists don’t have to report objectively, especially if your viewpoint is different from that of their favourite politician!"

Perhaps the two Councillors are tired of being blamed for Eddie's failures since he has to point the finger at someone else. Always. Even when he supposedly apologizes, he really does not do it.

Here is an example of how Eddie operates after Councillors chastised him for not giving them information on the canal deal but giving it to the Feds 6 weeks before and not telling them anything:

  • "Francis questions why the same councillors who were so determined to see every detail in advance of the marina-canal project before submitting an application for stimulus funding had no such problems in approving $22 million in airport upgrades and $60 million for an underground stormwater basin without similar information."

I heard from outraged inside moles after that remark who were disgusted that Francis made Counillors look like fools. More importantly, it was pointed out that Eddie also demonstrated his contempt for Councillors again by admitting, if what he said was true, that he had hid information from them for another $82M worth of projects!

OK dear reader, time for you to fill in this survey. Who will be number 6