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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Letters

More letters from readers:

1) Sorry to say but that Left Hand Turn Sign will not work!
The College avenue bridge is out. Oh me oh my!
Eddie's worst nightmare! The road is closed so Americans cannot get
to the downtown core. It has been Eddie's plan all along to stop the
bridge from twinning.
Shut down College Avenue so the ONLY other road is Huron Line to the downtown.
Let's forget the tunnel and any other roads. This is about bridges and how they totally stop traffic
due to construction, no matter what.
The Americans will end up in Niagara Falls because the roads in Windsor are impassable.

2) Message from Sender:
thought you might like to check this out

Windsor Ontario Going to Waste

Topographically challenged Windsor, Ontario, thought to be flatter than a pancake, now has its very own mountain – Mt. Francis – named for City of Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis. And this isn't any old mountain... this mountain is actually growing on a daily basis and is serving as kind of a Mount Rushmore for the perceived mismanagement, wasteful spending and a two-tier pension plan (the haves get more, the have nots pay for the haves) by Mayor Francis and the other top dogs at City Hall.

Every day over the last week, the citizens of this fair city have been bringing offerings to Mt. Francis, located at the city's landfill and waste station, which are being welcomed with open arms by Sherpas, aka, the striking outside City of Windsor workers.

With no one to pick up their garbage or recycling, no where else to put it, (although the mayor has helpfully suggested that his citizens keep it in their basements) and negotiations at a standstill, Mt. Francis is destined to become a tourist attraction and could be a boon for this auto city, hit hard by the global economic crisis and years of wasteful city spending.

3) Such a shame...........

The Mayor was hoping that the new access road would be the "Francis Freeway" and then the canal as the "Francis Canal". Now it seems that the only naming will be "Mount Francis"

4) No, Ed. I am not personally a member of one of the locals. In fact, I have traditionally been anti-union. I am a person who can look at the issues and find the side of right. It is right to bargain in good faith, it is right to negotiate to a common end. It is not right to refuse to negotiate with the locals when they continually put forth the effort to resolve the issues. In these economic times, it is not right to threaten the livelihoods of the workers and the security of their families.

5) They are using the indoor/outdoor fake turf on the boulevards along
the section of Dougall north of EC Row. I saw it this morning.

6) Have you seen the Missisauga Mayor.... Oh why them and not us.

You however ARE a Godsend.

7) Susan Boyle did rock us. What a find! Amazingly enough she said she comes from a collection of villages called Westlothian. If you go to the "village's" website you will find that it is remarkably similar to Windsor in size. Some interesting comparisons to ponder. Take a look here:

If the powers that be in this city were smart they would contact her immediately, offer her free airfare and accomodations and book her for a week of shows in the new WFCU center. Windsor would rock in her slipstream.

8) Sandra and Dwight used the power of their offices to subsidize Red Bull to the tune of $4.25 per person.

Red Bull will be walking away with millions from this area.

It is good for the local economy yet Windsor Essex has numerous festivals with dedicated volunteers that get shafted by deals like this. Festivals in Essex draw collectively a lot more than Red Bull ever could and the money stays in this area.

I like Red Bull but using taxpayer money to fund it is wrong on way too many levels.

9) (a) [Several notes from this reader]

Ed, excellent as usual, but it is sad to hear the maestro may be leaving. Assume he is tired of a city with a focus only on activities and not results. Certainly it will be another feather in Eddie’s campaign to rid the city of culture and its downtown core. He has done so well with the Capitol and the arena.

On another matter, wonder if you noticed the big announcement on the Detroit TV channels on Easter weekend. Global Wind is searching for 250 people to man its new wind turbine plant in Detroit. Quite a result. Windsor, no results, only activities like a seminar to talk about green energy. Now, this I did not think about, hopefully Global was there at the Windsor activity to capture all the wind the seminar produced to fire up its windmills.

(b) Over the past two years in the most extreme economic situations, Detroit has still chalked up billions, that is billions, of investment. WindsorEssex Undevelopment Commission: well you know.

While you discovered that the Commission does not know the difference between model and modal, if you want to have more fun, have a grammar teacher read its newsletter and be prepared for a sea of red markings, it is written by illiterates which leaves me hard pressed to understand how that reflects well on our region.

Now that I have said these things, I have become a card carrying member of the naysayers. Mind you, if you asked me I could show you at least ten potential areas of possible investment that the Undevelopment Commission has not a clue about. Justice for all I say.

(c) [RE WEDC] There is absolutely no quality or standards to measure their work which is why they focus on useless activities. This works well when they are managed by people with no economic development experience.

Were VPs hired without competitions? How is that explained? Without a competition how are we as taxpayers given any confidence that vice-presidents are hired for capabilities and not connections? Very strange.

Imagine the horror if the community knew exactly what is going on.

(d) Ed a few more comments then I will get back to work and leave you alone. Another good blog, I saw the clips on the news, remarkable.

Did you see the blockbuster announcements yesterday on Detroit TV – four battery plants coming to Michigan, the Gov says 8,000 jobs. How many jobs coming to WindsorEssex: 0 How many jobless creating activities by the Undevelopment Commission can we bear, like Rub09, as they rub it into our consciousness that we are important cause trucks cross our path all day long.

Also the Detroit News commented on the new movie studio in Allen Park and the many jobs to be created. How many jobs: in the 1,000s. How many jobs coming to WindsorEssex: -1. Does Windsor have a movie industry development officer?

Now the good news, the rain is expected to stop in about an hour.

10) [Re The Internet And Eddie Francis] Unfortunately, all of this stuff has long ago lost its comedic value.

11) Okay, how in the hell are you pouring out so much in the past few days? I can appreciate your output - it's amazing what anger can do for the writer's soul. We are all angry too.

You're on a roll but slow down a bit there Buddy, you are going to blow a gasket. Us faithful readers (at least I) can barely keep up. After I gather some thoughts and re-read the latest blog and watch that completely asinine video with Percy and Ed again (ughhhhh), I'd like to comment on a few things. Wow, this childish city fiasco has me so flustered, I can't even think anymore. I guess that is exactly what they want. Keep the populace confused with B.S. I'm still fuming over Gord's Editorial on Saturday. I hate being played as a fool by his articles.

12) Wanted to put my 2 cents worth in.

I believe the worm has turned. Council can feel the anger and the closer we get to election time the faster they’ll internally fight/implode and sparks will fly. Not a good scenario. The ice jam has started it’s spring break courtesy of the Italian community (the only community group with the balls to step up and try to force hands).

My agenda is I’m not an Eddy supporter. In fact I’d have to say he could have been a contender but I fear will go down in flames. Human nature being what it is the herd will need their Lee Harvey Oswald to blame and most likely it will be Eddy.

Eddy’s personality flaw – everything has to be 100% his way or no deal seems to be a new Windsor way of thinking.

I fear the CIBPA agenda, which started our pure with the only goal - not pick sides but pressure all sides to get to the table and get er done may morph into an Eddy hate on. If that happens all those Eddy busters will cause much more damage than what they think Eddy has. Everyone has to bury the Eddy hatchet NOW. He’s taken on a huge undertaking and its 90% complete. Let’s not pollute the process and get sucked into a mob mentality. As painful as it may be for the Eddy haters to admit let’s give credit where it’s due.

Green Link was and is BRILLIANT. Swartz is the best and the plan is the best. The problem now is all personal – Eddy making the Prime Minister wait 15 minutes and fighting with our two Ministers is a dumb rookie move but so what. That was then now is now. Let’s suck it up and let the rookie take the lead – he is and was after all voted in twice so let’s all stop being hypocrites. The deal’s close, let’s keep all sides’ feet to the fire.

The Ambassador Bridge issue will play out. Matty is a heavyweight, Eddie a feather weight – Matty will get his bridge.

The canal – a red herring – a diversionary tactic – timing is everything and the only 3 real words that matter in the Windsor dictionary today are Fiat, Cerberus and plant Three. If plant three closes the ripple effect will be unstoppable - no Prime Minister, no Premiere and no Mayor on earth can stop that kind of economic carnage.

We’re on the Titanic, yelling at the iceberg is futile. Time to bail together.