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Monday, April 20, 2009

BREAKINGBLOGNEWS: Councillors Do Alright, Jack

CUPE President Syd Ryan who is scheduled to appear at Council on Monday night on the item dealing with money being borrowed for the Arena will go ballistic over certain salary news as his union members are on strike!

I wonder if he will consider this Councillor salary news to be "Garbage Tips."

Councillors’ salaries almost increased by 40% with the add-ons of Board fees. They should go even higher next year with the airport Board fees if the other fees remain the same.

What is going on at Enwin that necessitates so many meetings. I thought the mess had been cleared up. Too bad we cannot know who made the most money attending Enwin meetings.

Item 27 out of 29 on the Communications Package tells us the following:

Oh and Eddie had fun travelling too