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Friday, March 14, 2008

Does Hollywood Favour The Ambassador Bridge

I am certain that you know the important role that celebrity plays in the United States in Presidential and Congressional elections. Did Oprah's endorsement of Obama help him dramatically? Why do you think major candidates want to be seen around movie and music stars?

In Canada, do you remember Prime Minister Paul Martin being appreciative of all the good things said about him by Bono at one time.

It is perfectly clear now to me that the Ambassador Bridge Company has been very successful in creating a positive image about themselves within the local community in the City of Windsor and in Essex County. One only needs to look at the various polls that have been taken recently by the media. Who would have believed that.

However, did you know that Hollywood celebrities may now be an onside to support them.

I suspect that the meeting between Larry Horwitz and Pamela Anderson in Vegas at a magician's show just did not happen as Gord Henderson would have us believe. There is no doubt now that there was more to that so-called meeting than meets the eye. Was it the sealing of a deal (Please excuse the pun as you will see shortly).

Do you remember when Detroit's Kid Rock and Canada's own Pamela Anderson were getting married several times around the world. I begged Eddie in the following language to get one of the ceremonies at the most appropriate place possible, the border crossing line between Canada and the United States on the Ambassador Bridge:
  • "We need the Mayor out there promoting an event that will be a true international spectacle with the world's media beating a path to Detroit. A famous Canadian and American are involved! It's a union between Detroit's Favorite Son, whose father was a Detroit-area car dealer, and one of Canada's biggest star.

    I can think of several Windsor tie-ins to capitalize on the event but I will let the Mayor's Office figure out the best way to do it. I just hope the Mayor and Council do not ask Administration to do a study on this first since that is the process that must be followed before this Mayor will move."

While they could not make it, I am certain that Pamela felt very troubled by that fact and promised certain people that she would help out in Windsor.

Let me take you back a few years when Pamela opposed the seal hunt in Canada so that you will understand exactly where I'm coming from. At the time the news said:

  • "The former Baywatch star asked for a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper to discuss the issue, following her hosting duties at the Juno Awards, Canada's largest music awards."

I'm not certain whether there was a such a meeting because I do not remember anything being said about it publicly but there is no doubt in my mind that there was going to be more discussed at this meeting than just baby seals. I am absolutely certain that one of the items on the agenda was going to be the Windsor border crossing!

It is clear to me that Pamela has had a special interest in our crossing for a very long time and that is one of the reasons she wanted to marry a Detroiter. She wanted as one of her missions to solve the Canada/US border issue where her husband was brought up.

Isn't that really why Larry caught the ball that made him Pamela's assistant out all of the people in the crowd in the Vegas nightclub. It was no fluke. The ball was thrown directly at him. The deal was sealed when he caught the ball.

You again are mocking me, dear reader. How do I know that this is really the case? Fast forward to this weekend and the following notice:

  • Canada's annual commercial seal hunt is the largest commercial hunt of marine mammals on the planet. Everyone has torn feelings about it...
    It's a no-brainer where I stand with this issue.
    I think it's time we hang up the clubbing sticks.
    If you agree - please join me this Saturday, March 15th from 12pm to 2pm in front of the Windsor - Detroit tunnel EXIT (on the Windsor Side).
    This is located downtown on Park street - between Ouellette avenue and Goyeau.
    To avoid confusion - this is where people come OUT - back into Windsor - not where people go in - on route to the U.S.
    This is the tunnel exit.
    Signs will be provided - but feel free to bring your own.
    This demonstration (which is 100% peaceful) will work in conjuction with animal rights group SMART - who will be demonstrating on the U.S. side as well - at their side of the tunnel at the exact same time to help send a stronger message."

That's right, dear reader. The protest is taking place at the Cities of Windsor and Detroit-owned Tunnel and not at the Ambassador Bridge. There is no doubt in my mind and there should be no doubt in yours now that the word came out from Hollywood where this protest was to take place. The orders were given and it is the Tunnel that is to be picketed when normally one would expect it to take place at the Bridge.

It should be obvious now that the privately owned Bridge has won Hollywood's favour. There is no way that Stephen Harper would dare challenge Pamela especially before an election. One negative word from Pamela and Dion is the PM... Stéphane silly, not Céline!

I am certain that right after the Provincial Budget comes down we will see the border file finally resolved in a way that makes good sense.

I'm sure that Pamela will try to keep her role hidden in this matter. She does not want or need the publicity. However, this BLOG will let the world know what she has done for us!

Now you will understand how important her role is in saving Windsor's future. There was never any doubt but that she favoured a twin span.

As for me, I intend to do something about it to show my appreciation for her efforts. I intend to strap a "W" to her chest.