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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mean Mail

It is getting meaner and nastier. Where's your contribution to either tone down the rhetoric or boost up the volume!

1) Talk about a personal agenda. Eddie is single handedly destroying relationships and business by himself.

Mayor McNamara said it point blank and we can only hope that is a warning shot.

If the outer communities launch legal litigation, Windsor is sunk. Period.

Eddie seems to be able to start them, but has no experience when it comes to defence.

Business in Windsor need to step up and say something loudly. Eddie is not just hurting Windsor, he is slowing opportunities for business throughout Ontario. The Provincial and Federal MP's have to step in and end all this petty political sabre rattling.The rest of Canada is at an all time low with unemployment while this area is losing daily.

Ed, you know my story and the tens of thousands of dollars I saved by moving out of Windsor. In this economy it saved me. Big corporations are not going to invest in this area if the leaders can't even decide on a road ten years from now when none of them will be around. I have seen it and know of many that are staying well away. The London area is getting way more opportunity than we will ever know. Guess where my work is going? With all the empty buildings in Windsor, how can the Mayor not look himself in the mirror and decide to do something, anything today?

Windsor doesn't have a lame duck Mayor, it has a penguin that thinks it's an eagle. At the very least the Mayor could recognize the Volkswagon investment. Jobs anyone?

2) Despite all his rhetoric and legal threats, he has done little to advance the border file. Rather he is putting up obstacles. And yet with the same bravado he comes hat in hand for more money. Not sure what sort of strategy this is - insult them but then ask for a favour.

3) Just why, oh why, can't our local media have the gonads to do some investigative journalism on on our city administraton much like Detroit's media did with the mayor of Detroit? No, I am not suggesting there is any impropriety but I would suspect there would has to be something behind all these secret meetings and behind-doors agreements.

Whatever the reson, council should be open to those that they serve. If we cannot find out what is going (supposedly in our best interests), nor the media, then perhaps a threat of impeachment is all that is needed for this mayor and council to open up and become truly a transparent administration and one that serves the people that elected them. To not do so promotes speculation and is simply insulting to the good people of Windsor.

4) Why don't you do a specific blog on the new math? DRIC has been priced at $1.6 billion. Greenlink has been priced at $1.6 billion. That's the same number, isn't it. It was when I went to school. So, if DRIC is implemented, why are we selling out and implementing a cheap solution when the costs are the same? Why do we let Eddie get away with saying his plan costs the same as the DRIC plan, but their plan is cheap and a sell-out? You know, for the smartest guy in the room, it sure seems to me that he created a loophole in logic that you can drive a truck through...

5) Congratulations on the 3 Part Article. Maybe you could turn it into a play that could be the headliner when the Capitol Theatre re-opens or even a movie for the next Windsor Film Festival... could be a "Blockbuster". The title of the play
or movie could be "City Rises From The Ashes".

Keep up the good work

6) How can a person with your understanding of what Windsor needs possibly hide from his responsibility to run for Mayor?

7) In other jurisdiction, the dead can only vote. Apparently in Windsor they not only can vote, but you give them cars & gas…

8) [Re Halberstadt BLOG about Eddie] He’s thrown down the glove, and hopefully others will be emboldened to not de facto fall in line behind Eddie. This is the next big chink in the armor exposed.

9) Even though he went out of his way to praise Ross Paul and Eddie by definition when [Ed Lumley] endorsed the on-campus decision he went against Ross and Eddie.

10) "Our track record speaks for itself to host these events," Francis said. "From the Super Bowl, to Wrestlemania, to the Grand Prix."

Yes, an impressive track record indeed, to glum on to Detroit events and pretend that the Mayor of Windsor was somehow relevant...Where is the Downtown campus, the urban village... Impressive track record indeed!

11) When this process all began after 9/11 and outside the strong vocal and
physical authority of Home Land Security, the state of Michigan has been
relatively quiet of making any border changes other than greater security,
even their present gateway project was long in planning before 9/11. What I
am getting at is that over the last years Mayor Francis never really had a
dance partner, he even went so far as to assumed that he had a date to dance
with Michigan on the third crossing issue, it never it seems to have entered
his mind that Michigan would actually say no!

And my gut feeling was and is that Michigan would dash any hopes that Eddie
had of having a dance partner.

This is what has disturbed me ever since DRTP, DRIC and Greenlink proposals
were made! Michigan was playing wallflower to Eddie's advances. Doesn't
Eddie know that Michigan is losing jobs faster than Windsor, that out
migration in the state is even faster..the state has no money. So if a free
enterprizer like Moroun wants to build a bridge with his own money, cheaper
than two governments with no subsidies, what option do you think the state
of Michigan has already chosen.

Neither Duncan, Pupatello or Francis in their lawyering joust would figure
that the governor of Michigan and now a senator would but say anything but

My suspicion is that Duncan and Pupatello already know this, that there
isn't going to be a Greenlink, there is not going to be a third crossing
(not in my or your future) and a steaming pot of Crow is now being cooked
for him.

As you have said, Eddie is now trying to position himself as the victim of
all the cruel and mean governments machinations everywhere that he, Eddie
did his best. But we pay for the lawyers. He isn't going to get his way, I
don't care what buzz or spin he puts on it, it is not in the cards.

One thing that all governments should do is reducing the polluting emissions
of the trucks that are now on the road through legislation and regulatory
devices to clean them up or help purchasing more efficient new trucks.

It will be very interesting to see/hear what buzz Eddie is going to put on
the Senator's interview.

12) The Capitol Theatre has bookings till dec 08. So far starting the 3rd of March.

13) The bridge to nowhere.
The access road to nowhere.
The City of Windsor is getting nowhere.
Financials of Windsor left with nothing.
Nice legacy for Francis to leave with.
Now the city has to sell the arenas.
It may have been part of the deal with the new one. What I want to know is
how much of an incentive will there be to buy them?
If the track record stays the same, the city will be paying someone to take
them off of their hands. I might be skeptical but can you blame me?
When was the last time anything great happened without controversy?
When is the last time council made anything happen?
Come on now, besides fiascos.

14) [Re Sleep Deprivation]One of your better blogs Ed ... keep it up.

15) You know how some names, songs etc bring up old memories (often bad ones)? My memory takes me back to Eddie Munster, the child "star" for the TV series the Munsters. He was a little scallywag, causing all kinds of mischief. After his stint as an actor, he tried his hands at being a musician and a few other things, but has never found substained success. How I know this? He was just featured on a television program titled "Where are they now?". This will be no doubt 'our' Eddie's legacy in a few years, perhaps even sooner. I just hope that our city will not suffer the same fate due to this mayor and council's constant tirades against the provincial and federal governments.

16) Hi Ed

You have written very good blogs lately and I liked your three part series on what could be in Windsor if it weren't for Eddie et al.

17) What I would like to see audited are the consult and legal fees.

18) You can't blame Eddie the Eagle for his lack of negotiating skills.He has no idea what a lawyer does, honestly. Just because he finished the schooling does not give him any expertise on legal matters.It just means he can practise law. That is just what he is doing, practising.

Successful barristers, such as yourself do not want to go into a courtroom. That complicates things andcosts and time will rise dramatically. I'm sure his leagal council is more than willing to put time in.Who wouldn't? It's free money. From what I have learned over the years it takes negotiation skills and talk. Yes plain and simple.Shooting off with the mouth does little more than alienate people.

I can see the bridge and the outer communities getting together on a class action lawsuit against Windsor. Worst case scenario but what other choices has Eddie left the business world?

19) With regards to the fleet leasing and the response we received from the Manager.

"We did not find evidence or records to show that people were accessing the city gas pumps who are known to be deceased."

Is it any wonder Windsor ranks at the top of illiteracy in Canada? Now you know why the statement was made that way and by a Manager to boot!

20) I say it's high time you start opening up this can of worms on your web page - The North American Union.

Time to start educating your wise readers about just what is going on.