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Monday, February 11, 2008

IMPEACH Eddie Francis

If you are a FACEBOOK member or want an excuse to sign up for it to see what the fuss is all about you have a big surprise waiting for you.

A fellow by the name of Neal Bouwmeester started a new group:

Windsor Petition for the Impeachment of Eddie Francis.

You can join it by going here

Its Group Information is the following:
  • Windsor Petition for the Impeachment of Eddie Francis

    Type: Common Interest - Politics
    Description: I haven't looked into the bylaws of the City of Windsor, but I assume if we can get over 100,000 signatures (vis a vis - group members) we should be able to impeach Eddie Francis...OK maybe not...but it certainly will send a clear message!

    This town needs an enema! - City adminstration costs are the highest per capita in the province (likely the country); in Eddie's two terms, he's been unable to lead or provide clear direction in:
    1. A border solution
    2. ongoing loss of manufacturing jobs
    3. priortization of spend of City budget (Arena???)
    4. Investment to the region
    5. Investmant in downtown (again...arena???)
    6. hegemony with the County

    Please feel free to add to the list. Eddie Francis should surely go down as the George Bush of Ontario cities.

Is this a serious group? Who knows? But surely it expresses the feelings of many Windsorites from looking at my mail and those of other Bloggers and the Star Forums (or is it Fora).

Frankly, I joined after I read that Ottawa Sun story! I could not take Eddie's ridiculous actions any more.

Serious group or not, pass the link on to your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to join up. Too bad it is not anonymous since some people will be afraid to sign for fear of retribution. They can always use a "made-up" name to hide their identity.

It will give a message to the Councillors. They should remember that Eddie is gone in three years but they are not. People will not be too thrilled to re-elect a Councillor who has supported a lame-duck Mayor who has accomplished nothing!