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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Naysayers Beware

It appears that writing a political BLOG in Windsor can be hazardous to one's health, especially if one has the nerve to write anything that some may perceive as being negative.

I hope though that is not yet a crime in Windsor to read a political BLOG or else you, dear reader, may be in serious trouble.

You have seen my trials and tribulations with some of the media in Windsor but now it appears that a well-known business person has taken it upon himself to attack BLOGGERS, and especially me in particular, with a reference to me being an Anti-BLOGGER. I guess that means that I am anti-this and anti-that in Windsor since he cannot see the W strapped on my body. It is just another term that I can add to my list of abusive terms.

I really can't complain about people taking shots at me since my criticism of City Hall and others can be quite direct and strong. If you cannot stand the heat... and all that.

I cannot complain therefore if people criticize my ideas or my point of view or the fact that I have been of the opinion for years that one must deal with the Ambassador Bridge Company if the border issue is to be resolved. I cannot even complain if they say I am too harsh on the Mayor and Councillors. They are entitled to their point of view just as I am entitled to mine.

However, I don't intend to sit idly by if a person goes too far in his or her criticism of me. I am not some pushover who will run and hide and be quiet. In my opinion, Mark Boscariol, past Chair of the DWBIA, Chair of the Windsor International Film Festival and owner of Chanosos and other establishments, crossed the line in a BLOG article he wrote. He stated the following:
  • "I know, I know, the naysayers will say that they’re providing some sort of valuable service to our city by insulting our councillors and mayor. Heck, I’m sure Al Qaeda probably claims responsibility for the current round of mideast peace talks too."

There were more comments that he made but I will not bore you with the details. It was this one comment that caused me great distress. I will let you form your own judgment about what he wrote and its appropriateness.

As for me personally, I'm disgusted that he would make such a heinous comparison. I will let at least give credit to the owner of the Blogsite where this remark was written who changed Boscariol's BLOG after I filed a complaint.

Mr. Boscariol and I have both agreed and disagreed in the past in private exchanges of e-mails on City issues. We have a different point of view but I thought until now we were civil to each other.

After this comment, however, I choose never to spend one penny in any of his restaurants again. I also have no intention of attending the Windsor Film Festival while he is still involved.