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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brister Says Good-Bye

Poor John Fairley.

He will never have the Councillor formerly known as Councillor Budget on his show. Or maybe he will now since Dave Brister no longer has to fear making a complete fool of himself in public any more once John started questioning him.

Poor Gord Henderson.

He won't get to see the big battle after all considering his inexplicable to me Brister boosterism:
  • "But anyone who thinks this means the 2010 coronation of Ward 4 Coun. Bill Marra is back on schedule should give that a second thought. There will be no free ride. There will be a war, a vicious, take-no-prisoners struggle and I'm placing early money that it will be between Marra and Ward 1 Coun. Dave Brister.

    Brister told me in his rookie term that he had no interest in the top job. And he's still circumspect about his intentions. But what I'm hearing, from people close to him, is that if Francis does pack it in to go make some serious money, Brister will not stand idly by and let Marra claim this (dubious) prize without a fight."

Circumspect---naw, Brister did not have the guts to tell anyone that by electing him, we were getting a lame-duck Councillor.

Poor Edgar (Eddie) Francis.

He won't have anyone around to take the fall for the arena fiasco. Or actually he will now that Brister is going.

Happy CUPE.

They got rid of one hardliner who was afraid to run after his dismal performance on costing taxpayers a fortune during the 101 day strike and can now target on getting rid of the others.

In his good-bye email, did he have the guts to say he was NOT running. Nope:

  • "Today, I am announcing my intention to not seek a seat"

Political to the end.

I was debating in my mind what I should say about one of the most divisive members on Council especially after I received phone calls from a number of his colleagues after the Star story came out. They were celebrating the news.

Then I thought of it. Two words: