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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Windsor Downtown Myth Buster

I keep seeing this misinformation constantly being repeated as if it is now the truth. Here is an example of what a Michigan newspaper has stated recently:
  • "Michigan wants its own public bridge, which would be built about 2 miles south of the Ambassador Bridge. The Canadian government doesn't want Moroun's new bridge because it worries the span would bring too much traffic into downtown Windsor."

Frankly, has anyone been to downtown Windsor lately. We can use the tourist business since the Tunnel volumes, run by the City Governments of Windsor and Detroit, are crashing!

The route from the Ambassador Bridge to Highway 401 is Highway 3/Huron Church road which has been the route for 75 years. That road was built for the Ambassador Bridge. It was built around our community until our leaders allowed the area to be built up.

  • "Highway 3B was originally named Highway 3A, when its parent road (Highway 3) was re-routed to meet the newly-finished Ambassador Bridge."

Here is a map of Windsor to destroy this misinformation finally I hope. L Brooks could use it too so he can get his directions right for once.

I still think that people are mixing up the Bridge with the Tunnel that dumps traffic into the downtown of Windsor.

To get to Highway 401 from the Bridge, no truck driver would ever enter downtown Windsor!