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Friday, April 30, 2010

BreakingBlogNews: Canada's DRIC Bribe To Michigan

Here is the infamous letter to Michigan which will allow Canada to take over the DRIC project and the key land border crossing in North America from the Americans.

Heck Mayor Francis should have held out for more than $34M for a $5M piece of property in Windsor for the bridge Plaza from the Feds. And only $78M from the Province for the DRIC road. How much did he leave on the table by settling now? Canada has oodles of money to throw around.


“Michigan Gov. Granholm, who is both a Canadian and an American citizen, has offered to sell the Michigan border to Canada. Meanwhile, the governor has consistently caused red tape from the state of Michigan to prohibit an American company – Detroit International Bridge Co. – from building a second span to replace its 80-year-old Ambassador Bridge. Instead, she wants to tear down hundreds of homes, businesses and churches in Southwest Detroit to obtain money from Canada.

“It is incredible that Gov. Granholm spends thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to travel around the world to find jobs for Michigan, while at the same time attempting to destroy a Michigan company that has paid state taxes since the early 1920s.

“The Michigan governor now has caused Canada to offer to buy Michigan’s future for $550 million. The question is whether the Michigan Legislature is more committed to Michigan’s future than the governor. Michigan is not and should not be for sale.

“This offer from Canada and acceptance by Gov. Granholm will assure that construction jobs for the public bridge will be Canadian jobs, when and if jobs are ever created.”