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Friday, March 19, 2010

Uncongratulations To The Windsor Star

Forget the Ontario and National Newspaper Awards that the Star is trumpeting....boring!

An anonymous disgruntled reporters group I have heard is setting up a new award: the "Unnewsiees."

You have heard I am sure of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation who presents the worst award, "the Razzie" for Worst “Achievements” in Film before Oscar night.

The night before the National Newspaper Awards program dinner, the reporters group will be holding an event for the Unnewsiee award, ie the Worst Achievement in News Coverage.

Nominations are invited but are closing soon. I have heard that so far, the Windsor Star has been nominated for the Unnewsiee by so many people for its uncoverage of the CUPE strike, and in particular for ignoring the Lewenza/Marra Ward meeting that revealed how the hardliners sold out the City by increasing taxes forever in the settlement achieved, that the odds of the Star winning is almost 100%.