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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Basse Must Act Now And A BIAS Lawsuit

If the Integrity Commissioner can act on his own, then he must investigate this immediately. He has no choice.

Or should he only do investigations of "softliners" if the Star is correct:

  • "Windsor's Chris Vander Doelen: Privatized pickup likely
    By Chris Vander Doelen, The Windsor Star November 19, 2009

    Taxpayers who despaired Monday at city council's apparent failure to outsource Windsor's garbage pickup should calm down and wait to see what unfolds, key councillors tell me.

    The public may be pleasantly surprised by what happens after the dust settles.

    What looked like a defeat for citizens who want to see city hall downsized was actually a night of major progress, the mayor and other councillors say...

    But much of the forelock-tugging was merely lip service paid to the gallery of surly CUPE members, I'm told. When it comes time to approve outsourcing contracts the vote will look more like the 8-3 outcome of council's vote to send recycling pickups out to tender.

    Not only is there nearly a 100 per cent likelihood that the city's recycling work will be outsourced, Mayor Eddie Francis says, "I think the regular garbage will go out for sure, too," ending up in private hands."

Now you know why I rarely speak in front of this Council any more. Is it just me or do others have the impression that in many cases their minds seem to be already made up. Being a delegation therefore is a waste of a Monday evening.

Who are these "key councillors?"

We know that the Mayor spoke to mini-Gord. We know that Councillor Brister spoke to him. Who else?

Why is this vital to know? In effect, we are being told that Council has already made up its mind.

Were we lied to at the last Council meeting if what mini-Gord said is correct!

There was no need to go out to Tender since it is a foregone conclusion what will happen. Just look at Edgar's quote above.

Note the timing is perfect. The tender should be out and the results in by early spring. Just in time to dump on CUPE again to get certain members of Council re-elected.

If true, this is a disgrace.

I am sure that the Publisher of the Star will insist now that mini-Gord tell us the sources of these anti-democratic comments.

Those members of Council who talked must resign now in disgrace.

Here is another lawsuit for CUPE to stop this affront to Democracy in its tracks when the matter comes before Council: reasonable apprehension of bias.