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Friday, April 03, 2009

The Mayor's Press Conference Questions

Don’t you find it amazing that our political leaders are on television so much these days giving interviews and holding press conferences so that they can tell us how they are saving us from disaster? The Prime Minister is doing it and so is the President of the United States.

What is wrong with Eddie Francis? Why hasn’t he seized this opportunity as well? He personally might be able to save Eh-Channel from closing given the high ratings they will get if he has a show on the air and CBC might actually have to hire more people to handle all the fan mail for him.

I thought what I would do to help out is prepare a list of thought-provoking questions that members of the audience or the press might be able to ask on his first show to get his program off with a bang:

  1.  When you went to Washington and New York over the weekend did you fly through YQG
  2.  Did your office forget to tell you that the President was not in Washington but overseas so that he could not meet with you or was he snubbing you too
  3.  Have you set up your meeting with Dan Stamper yet
  4.  Did you take a taxi to the airport or did you forget that Veteran Cab drivers were on strike
  5.  Considering that truck traffic is collapsing at our crossings, how did you come up with the number of 30,000 trucks going along E C Row
  6.  Do you really expect people to believe that there is only $100 million difference between Greenlink and the DRIC Road
  7.  Has the Premier told you to stuff it yet or is he leaving that job for Dwight and Sandra
  8.  Considering that Lufthansa files into Detroit Metro, why would the Lufthansa consultants say “we will have to look at some of the competing airports just to make sure they're not in duplication or triplication of facilities."
  9.  Since Lufthansa offers services for automotive business travelers out of Detroit Metro including Aeromotive Perks and a luxurious new terminal lounge, did you check if they have a conflict of interest in looking at Windsor Airport
  10.  Did you really attend the CIBPA meeting to find people from Venice who can help you with your canal proposal
  11.  If “Truck traffic key to cargo centre.” then how will trucks go now to the Ambassador Bridge without going on City streets
  12.  Did you read the Windsor Star Forum on the canal or does your Office just pick out the good ones out of the about 200 posted so far for you to take a look at so you think that everyone is on your side
  13.  If as Bob Duff reported “Spitfires exposed in goal, ” could they wind up in gaol
  14.  Since “Coun. Ron Jones said e-mail campaigns don't impress him,” how will you get him to send in an e-mail vote in response to your email so that he votes in future to spend $30,000 to hire lawyers to oppose the Ambassador Bridge Company in the United States.

Now you go and make up a few so that you can ask them too.