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Friday, January 30, 2009

Survey Comments

To be honest, I added in the "Comments" as an afterthought just before I completed the structure of the Survey. I never really expected too many people to write anything.

Was I ever wrong!

Remember that the demographics of my BLOG suggest that the vast majority of my readers are business people in Windsor. The number of comments and the intensity of the negativity ought to give significant concern to the Mayor and to the Members of Council. The results in this survey are worse than the results in the one that I did previously.

For the Councillors, they should remember that if the Mayor is truly a two-term Mayor, then their careers could be finished if they are perceived as being one of his supporters. Hanging on to his apron strings may not be all that it is cracked up to be.

Again what interests me is that the comments here are very similar to those on the Windsor Star Forums. There seems to be a groundswell of anger about what is going on in this City in terms much more harsh than I have ever written.

Your Final Word

Come on, get it off your chest. There is something you just need to say isn't there! Now is your chance. Your answer will be compiled and may be posted along with the results when the polling is completed.

  1. Start laying out your plan of action. Ed for Mayor...

  2. The crew of the Titanic did a better job of saving lives than this city council is in trying to save this city.

  3. It is unbelievable to me that none of the councillors have forcefully stepped up and pointed out the failings of the Mayor and the lack of accountability that is so obvious from the leader of city government.

  4. The only job politicians are interested in is their own. Tired of their short-sighted selfishness.

  5. I am so happy I moved away from Windsor last summer. I should have moved the day after Eddie got re-elected.

  6. I moved out of Windsor for numerous reasons mainly high taxes and terrible services. I did not like the direction the Mayor was taking on the border file issue (I am pro ABC) and I was appalled at the waste of taxpayers money when it comes to road repair, utilities and lack of services. Eddie Francis is a horrific Mayor and I have no respect left for his Councillors (minions). I would move back to Windsor if there were significant changes made to the running of this City, mainly helping small business and restructuring of the downtown core. It is a shame what is going on down there and it has been further ruined by not allowing the Windsor Arena to be re-built in the dowtown core. This was a huge error!

  7. What a pathetic Mayor and Council. No wonder this City is in a mess

  8. In my 50 years of observing Windsor's city government I have never seen a more furtive, disdainful, untrustworthy and more socially arrogant and uninvolved mayor toward his community than Eddie Francis... City Council is also the worst in 50 years, with only a few noteworthy exceptions, being led around by the nose by an inexperienced, juvenile and petulant micromanager of a mayor whose "My way or the highway" attitude is more suitable to a petty dictatorship than a democracy. Councillors Dilkens, Halberstadt and Marra are the only ones who should be re-elected, and I hope Councillor Marra or someone with interests other than his own egomania runs for Mayor. Councillor Hatfield is an impossible disappointment, having transformed himself from the forceful interrogator of "Percy's Panel" on TV to a forelock tugging marionette, totally domnated by the fast talking but empty incompetence of the [Mayor]... The length of terms of office for municipal politicans should be returned to three years instead of four. An election can't come too soon for Windsor, and maybe it's already too late to repair the damage done by this tin pot dictator and his gutless and fawning troop of empty headed sycophants.

  9. The council has wasted millions on a bad border route with the wrong destination. Ed the sled has been an embarassment and those who follow are fools. Build the bridge where is is and stop the stupidity. shovel ready and moving "Ambassador Bridge" They don't need a buy out just get out of their way.

  10. Back off the 'regional government' machinations and leave the well-run municipalities on your perimeter alone. You know it's true. Our streets get plowed after it snows and the police actually respond to traffic accidents. There is no evidence that bigger municipalities are better. Where I live, my town councillors answer their own phones. And their home numbers are published on the back of the local paper every 2 weeks.

  11. I do not recall a time in our city's past that we've seen such a 'public opinion be damned' reckless mayor and council. 2010 can't come soon enough!

  12. the biggest flaw we have with this municipal council is the mayor. He is an ego maniac who has no wisdom and is immature and wants to leverage his career on the taxpayers' dime. We don't need a lawyer.. Eddie is not a decision-maker.. He is a cya man who is ambitious and arrogant.

  13. get rid of this mayor befoe our city dies and becomes bankrupt
    Get rid of all politicians who do not work for the best interest of citizens

  14. I am surprised at the level of arrogance that I see in every member of Council, including, or perhaps especially, the Mayor. Each of these individuals seems to think that getting elected to municipal council suddenly endows them with enough smarts that they feel that they can start lecturing the rest of us on what we should do and how we should do it. Alan Halberstadt is one of the worst...he has that supercilious air about him and likes to pass himself off as clever and well-informed, when in fact his research is as faulty as the rest of us. His belief that he knows more than everyone else effectively prevents him from actually listening when people are trying to tell him something. This trait is shared to varying degrees by each and every member of council, the Mayor and the administration. All of these employees seem to forget that it is the luckless Windsor taxpayer who pays their salaries.

  15. [The use] of the the public treasury for consultants, lawyers, and useless 'advertising' and the delay and cover-up of audits and expenses is warrant enough for the province to begin an investigation.

  16. Windsor is regressing under Eddie Francis and has become the most economically distressed city in Ontario with a negative outlook under his watch. He talks voluminously but has little to show in real progress. The measure of a man is not by how much he says, but what he truly achieves. He is trying to create the image of leadership through micro-managing the flow of information and spinning out his version of events to create the favorable impressions of his work but there is nothing of substance to support the illusions he is fabricating. His decision-making is highly questionable and manipulative given the many calls for independent forensic audits. His use of secrecy is excessive and unprecedented. Eddie Francis runs the city like an elected despot ruthlessly attacking any differing viewpoints and does not understand the value and synergy of collaborative effort. He is too self centred, arrogant and immature to efficiently and effectively run a several hundred million dollar corporate municipal enterprise.

  17. But unfortunately I don't have the time to list it all - suffice it to say that I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Arditti.

  18. The council HS to start working with its residence, stop the markteting campaigns, the sound bites, the spin doctoring and get real. They are over their heads, fighting with people who can bury them and in tough times they have to put down their guard and go to the community for guidance and intelect, not 100k consultants to tell them how to think.

  19. can you write about anything other than "Mayor BAD, ABC Good"?

  20. The present Mayor has shown a complete lack of leadership quality. He ihas not initiated real priorities for council to follow. Both the Mayor & council have abdicated their resposibilities to the citizens of Windsor. They are dominated by the senior administration officials who in turn are unwilling to oppose the entrenched unions in city hall resulting in excessive costs of services. As an involved individual I believe that this council exemplifies incompetence and should be removed as soon as possible. Ithink that this city now needs a Trustee to be appointed by the Provincial government. How about a petition for Recall & Term limits

  21. Get rid of them all We need recall rights

  22. politics in windsor stink, thanks to Eddie.

  23. One thing I have to say is we definately need term limits on council positions including Mayor.

  24. Mayor Francis needs to get off his high horse and let the people get what they deserve. Get the DRIC started and completed - let the private sector build the bridge, homes that are 50 -60 years old don't have any heritage value. Stop the bull and get things done...City council is like a dictatorship, he can actually shut you down by the push of a button, how special is that?

  25. Stop trying to promote another political non entity for mayor in the form of Dave Cooke. This city is... the Canadian version of Chicago , The provincaila nd federal liberals and unions run this city.

  26. It's the economy Stupid !

  27. Tired of our city leadership dragging their feet, being lame ducks, chair warmers and otherwise, politicians without novel ideas or any level of progressive charisma.

  28. The nonesense over the expansion of Huron Line has become ridiculous. By the time they decide to do something it will take as long as it took to build the arena. Traffic is down on the bridge and supposidly they are building a bridge further down river. Why do we need 3 bridges.

  29. The Mayor and Council are anti-business, and their priorities are out-of-step with reality.

  30. But not enough time or space in this survey to complete. One thing, Eddie is a failure as mayor and has not lived up to his promises (I.e. Citistat, keep taxes in line, open & transparent gov't)

  31. Quit wasting taxpayer dollars (Municipal/Provincial/Federal) with trying to construct a second bridge across the Detroit River. A private enterprise, who contributes significantly to the tax base, wants to invest his own money from which will accrue more taxes. How can this be bad? If there is a crisis at the border (I personally feel this is an orchestrated issue) the way to resolve this is for more Customs/Immigration people to process more vehicles. Just put the increased government people to work at the Ambassador Bridge & get on with life.

  32. This council does not work for us. They are small-minded, selfish, political animals that have no vision or ethics.

  33. Do basics only, cut cost, staffing, frills. Contract out work that saves on cost. Fix the worst of the water mains. Privatize tunnel, airport, utilities and anything else better run as a business. Replace committee members on boards with experts and not councilors. Stop all the legal exercises that are pointless. Stop pestering real businesses in the city trying to survive hard times.

  34. ... I wouldn't trust him [the Mayor] as far as I wish I could throw him!

  35. Francis, Postma, Jones & Lewenza are such arrogant [people]. They all need to go, and not at the end of 2010. This city cannot afford to wait that long to get these ineffective slugs out of there. Feel free to post comment anywhere.

  36. I cannot stand how we've been condescended to in this city by our Mayor. And it makes me laugh that NOW he wants our support re: Green Link (another bloody $60K? come on!) when usually he considers our opinions about as valuable as a bucket of mud. I also have no tolerance for the lack of transparency exhibited during his "reign". I want a new mayor.

  37. The Windsor-Essex Parkway must begin construction this year. It's time to demolish those homes beside the Ambassador Bridge. Build the new prison where the Windsor Police want it to go, they know better than anybody where it should be.

  38. I am disappointed that things never move forward in this city/county due to the petty and disgusting in-fighting between council positions. Mayor is arrogant - needs to step down.

  39. Preventing the Ambassador Bridge from demolishing homes on Indian Rd. and moving ahead with bridge expansion will be the downfall of the Mayor and at lerast three councillors. This action is unprecedented and uncalled for. The amount of jobs that are being lost due to this and other inactions have caused irreparable damage !

  40. Mayor & Council must start representing the people and doing the right thing on a transparent basis.

  41. Cut out the BS and get to work on the things that count like cutting our tax bills. Stop wasting money on lawyers. Start cooperating with the bridge company.

  42. Changes need to be made so our city will prosper!

  43. Does it really matter what you say because nothing is going to change anyways.

  44. Number one wish ...audit the new arena and find out why it was built without calling for construction tenders

  45. The fact that city council wastes so much time, money and effort on Greenlink drives me insane. Having read their plan I know that it's completely laughable. I lost track of the number of times I rolled my eyes at the ridiculous, impossible or simply stupid ideas it contains. I am insulted that council continues to push this plan on me and amazed that so many of my fellow citizens buy into it. I am also offended at the lengths that the mayor will go to promote his ridiculous scheme. For instance the Greenlink decals on police vehicles is shameful. Greenlink is a political issue and law enforcement personnel should not be forced to promote it while on duty. In fact it is contrary to the principles of democracy for the police to be espousing any political views whatsoever while doing their job. It's also just bizarre that the city spends so much time fighting the bridge company. The Ambassador bridge is iconic to Windsor and is what anyone who doesn't live here thinks of when Windsor is mentioned. That the city has such a toxic relationship with them is deplorable. The border crossing is the only reason Windsor exists in its current form and solving the problems with the border should be council's highest priority. Do that and jobs and other economic benefits will follow for both Windsor and all of southern Ontario. But instead of working to fix the problems, our council takes every chance it gets to throw road blocks up in front of both DRIC and the bridge company's second span plan. I don't especially care if we get one, the other, or both in competition with one another, the border just needs to be fixed. It takes someone like Kwame Kilpatrick to make Eddie look good. No wonder the Windsor/Detroit area is in such rough shape.

  46. I wish our Mayor and Council would stop spending money on nothing. Anyone can pay a lawyer or a "specialist" and that person will say what you want them to say. How stupid do they think their residents are. Let's get on with getting viable jobs to the city (not 10 and 15 here and there, and placing them in city owned land!!! Stop acting like school children not getting your own way and get down to work. Also, what are you hiding. You definitely give the impression that you are doing something not so right. Let's be open and transparent like a council should be. Not so much behind the doors discussions. And how can you possible back the Development Commission. Obviously people on the board are getting away with a lot of tax payers dollars. We need to put a stop to that and get some viable jobs into the area. 15 jobs here and there does not consitutute a hugh press conference and glorification. What about the 12,000 or so jobs we have lost. Get your head out of the sand and begin to do the job you were voted to do!!

  47. Diversification of the economy has to be paramount. Encouraging a viable entertainment and arts community can help $ignificantly. We need the "Cleary" to be active and viable and the Capitol must never be lost! A lot of taxpayers' time and money went into both venues over the years and we must continue to benefit from them. The Capitol is a gem - in flexible space for artists to perform, esthetically, acoustically - it would show extremely poor short , medium and long term planning - no, complete lack of vision - to let that venue slip any more than it already has. If much smaller towns like Port Stanley, Blyth, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Petrolia, Stratford and Grand Bend can house professional theatre (in addition to community theatre and other arts groups) - why would we even consider abandoning the Capitol or the "Cleary"? Nonsense - we've made the largest of the capital costs - both need and deserve operating budgets that will keep a few folks employed and others spending their entertainment $$.

  48. $100k to manage an airport with zero experience?

  49. It seems to me that honesty and leadership is lacking in this City. The Mayor and council is a disgrace along with the Windsor Star... What happen to honest Government that this City does not have. Explain that..Eddie

  50. I feel Windsor is going down fast its beginning to look like a ghost town & whats left of it will be nothing but crime & violence (Bars & Casino's)~People are feeling helpless & getting desperate ~ Families are having to moving away from each other just to find work & don't get sick because we have no Doctor's or coverage ~ My husband is laid off & we have been waiting over 6 weeks & still no EI yet & welfare can't even help us because I have a small income ~ ?????? But if we both choose not to work we could live on welfare ~ WHY doesn't welfare help out the working ppl until they get there EI in ? What is wrong here? I don't know what else to say except I'm so worried sick about our Future & It hurts to see my kids go hungry I feel hopeless ~ Signed Feeling Hopeless & Hopefully not Homeless......

  51. With the recent economic donwturn and this council's inability to focus on real isues rather than the same old, same old (like GreenLink), I took the time to review the Mayor's State of the City addresses from 2006, 2007 and 2008. Indeed - the only constant issue in all of these speeches is the mantra "GreenLink or Nothing". The real, substantive issues, although highlighted in the speeches, have not been acted on. An example: Last year the Mayor spoke of his "Jobs Today Program" a "five-point plan that will help create the jobs we need". His five-point plan includes: an economic developmnet investmen fund (NOT implemented); jobs retraining (although implemented, there are virtually no results; long-distance commuting program (still not implemented); renewing and investing in infrastructure (if it has happened - I don't know where. Certainly not on College Ave. where the city hasadmitted it cannot afford the repair); building on strengths in the manufacturing base (some progress here but thanks to the province mostly as I have yet to hear of any results from any of the mayor's interventions - dare I ask what was the result of his trips to germany?). It is time that this council stop puting up resistance to projects that would result in new jobs and a renewed economy. To quote the mayor in his last state of the city speech: "we need jobs now. We need Jobs Today!"

  52. The incompetence is astounding in this city! Never have I seen blind eyes turned away from the reality oflife and instead gradiose ideas and schemes take their place. When is enough going to be enough?

  53. Eddie Francis is pathetic. His propensity for using legal means to throw his weight around to get what he wants simply indicates that he is overcompensating...

  54. i have never seen a more development negitive mayor in my life just not here

  55. We have the skills and talent and space to develop and build new cutting edge stuff. The City needs to make it easier for new business to come here. The tooling industry needs to get past automotive and believe in themselves and their workers.

  56. I have so much to say that if I wrote it all on paper, the total weight of all the written papers would exceed 40 rail cars filled with solid lead. Can't wait for the next municipal elections.

  57. I wish your mayor and his loyal councillors would just go away,no wonder your city is a mess.

  58. City is wasting time and money on the DRIC process. There is no need for underground tunnels.

  59. It is time the Mayor and Council stop spending tax payers money fighting the Border file and accept the deal the 2 levels of government have proposed and get this community working again. It's disgusting to think that our community has the highest unemployment rate in the country and we have an opportunity to put people back to work with BILLONS of infrastruture dollars and our Mayor continually pushes his own agenda to save his political career...........It infuriates me !!!!!!!

  60. There is neither the time, the words, nor the space, to describe the complete failure that is our council.

  61. Its about time people got off Sandra Pupatello's and Dwight Duncans backs. They have done and will continue to do a great job for the Windsor area and thankless...all anyone ever does is BITCH about them.. I bet there are few people who read this blog that can highlight some of the achievements in this area thanks to them.. Im sick and tired of all the complaining from Windsorites... Its time to get up and get moving.. do something if you are unhappy.. stop bitching while others try and fix the issues. Windsors worst enemy is the attitude of Windsorites themselves.

  62. This council needs to concentrate on improving what they have control over - the internal infrastructure of the City. The utilities, the roads, the bridges. The work within the city that needs to be done would generate many good paying jobs. They need to get out of the border file and let the experts manage this file - this will generate many jobs, with many off spin jobs. Why can't that see this - why can't they get out of the way of progress and improvement? All because Eddie has a personal vendetta? It is time for the taxpayers of Windsor to have a voice - when you only get less than 1% of the population to attend meetings and answer survey cards this should be evidence enough that people don't care about the border or how it is fixed - just fix it and create jobs and prosperity for the region!

  63. Strip out this Mayor and Council and start over with fresh, innovative thinkers with individual spines.

  64. I have never seen such a deceptive bunch of scoundrels lapping up the public milk with no accountability. But I tell you, the milk is sour and salmonella will hit each and every one of them election day. Ed, you are our only hope. Please consider running for Mayor.

  65. I'm tired of the extraordinary $$$ spent on consultants of the obvious and the utter lack of attention to JOB #1: The economy & jobs. The fixation on the border is not only a wasteful distraction, it is a financial albotros that only isolates Windsor when we need all the employers and friends at the federal/provincial level. Eddie Francis needs to retreat or resign-cut our losses - and believe me, it is OUR LOSS of great opportunities...

  66. Eddie needs to get out of the way and let the projects go forward. We need people on council that can govern based on what they think is best for our community, but wait they might have to start thinking on there own, and not wait for a report to tell them how it should be.

  67. only one government is doing a good job and it's the Feds, despite facing the kind of obstructionism and pettiness characterized by the two junior levels

  68. Quit spending money on Greenlink! Let the Ambassador Bridge build its second span and tear down those houses on Indian Road! Also, help our downtown be vibrant once again.

  69. Which ward is most impacted by the border? Which councillor was elected solely on his position on the border? and which councillor has said nothing on the border since his election? BRISTER!

  70. There are too many consultants being hired and no work being done on fuxing problems like roads. The sandwich town study is a joke, more of the same but no one will address the root of the problem.

  71. I have alot to discuss about the mistakes of our Mayor and city council but none bothers me more then the arena being built in the east end. Downtown Windsor is struggling and Eddie keeps talking about the effort to rejuvinate downtown, yet that was the easiest way to improve downtown and make it a vibrant downtown. There are 30-50 bars/restaurants that were dying for this arena to come downtown, yet they built it in the middle of nowhere with no surrounding restaurants and bars. This was a BIG mistake by the mayor and city council and there is no doubt in my mind this deal was done not in the best interest of the city