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Monday, April 07, 2008

Good News Bear UPDATE

Oh how embarrassing for everybody.

I just thought of this. If Matt Fisher has retained a lawyer, it looks as if he does not want to accept a six-month payment of salary in settlement for his termination.

Already, that amount, about $85,000, plus the amount to be paid to a professional recruiting company to find his replacement, about $40,000, equals almost the amount paid over by the Credit Union to the Commission. If he is successful in getting a payment which might equal the balance of his written contract, depending of course on what the termination term is if there is one, then perhaps the final payment might include almost the total amounts paid in by the Credit Union, the City and the County.

Poor investors... they won't get to see a brochure now.

Can you imagine if the Roman Dzus syndrome hits the Commission again. Roman left that job after doing all the work to get Eddie his bragging rights for the English magazine award. Now the City and County have just received $600,000 from Sandra Pupatello to start up a "Virtual Incubator." What if Matt did all the work to get that money for the City and was then terminated. His damages would increase dramatically. That's gratitude.

However, the person who has to be blushing today is our Cabinet Minister, Ms. Pupatello. Talk about bad timing. She put her foot into it. I just received her Community Calendar 2008- 2009. What is the photograph that will stare in the face of all of the Members of the Board of the Economic Development Commission in May. No, it is not a picture of our Mayor since he is completely ignored. Here it is: